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Hunter James Continued

14 December 2013

Just one more :)

Hunter James

09 December 2013

A sneak peek of my most recent shoot with this handsome little face!

I couldn't have asked for a more timely snooze. He is SO freakin cute! Ugh.

Missing in Action

07 December 2013

Where have we been you're asking...

I know I know.

But we have basically spent all our time working...aaaand at target.

Care to see our finds so far?

I CAN'T WAIT to see it all together.

So we started off with this rug:

Then we went black friday shopping and a stumbled upon this find:

This is actually a bookcase! But I liked it SOOOO much more as a media center and it was so much cheaper and nicer than the other media stands they had available. Sweet.

And we just finished our final trip, hopefully (ya right) tonight.

We got these baskets to go in the "tv stand"

This shower curtain:

And finally this cabinet which we'll likely use for storage of some of bugs toys in the living room, but it's primary purpose will be hold boyfriends giganta-huge fish tank.

Can you tell I have a thing for blue?

Hahah it's not even my favorite color. Purple is...followed by green. But in regards to home decor I LOVE blue, it's so calm and serene.

I also LOVEEE gray, our current bedroom is gray but unfortunately we'll be losing that color.

Our little family will be all moved in TWO weeks from today...AHHH.

Anddddalso my buggy has a fever. Well had.

She woke up soooo warm and mopey and so not bug-like. I knew right away something was wrong.

She had a 101.2 fever. It totally breaks my little mommy heart.

We took her temperature an hour ago and it was 98.4! Yippee!!!

Thank god it was short-lived because I can't hand sad mopey bug. It's like a knife through the heart.

All is good for our little family but it is about to get verrrrrry busy.

Good busy, but busy nonetheless.

Can't wait to be in our new little home and enjoy our first christmas as a family! :D