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30 June 2013


Do you see that face?! Oh my lanta, how am I ever going to be able to tell her no? Greaaaaaatt.

Lindsay's Bruschetta Pasta Salad

29 June 2013

The following recipe comes per my friend Lindsay and for the record it IS as delicious as it sounds.

I think the best part about this recipe is that it's simple. And not just simple in that it's easy to make but simple also due to the lack of ingredients. Color me crazy but recipes that I tend to lean toward generally have fewer ingredients.

And if you're wondering...yes I AM one of those nit-picky people. There are a lot of things I do not like for example: onions, olives, mushrooms, ANY seafood, MOST cooked veggies. If that makes me picky...then fine so be it. However, I've lived my whole life eating plenty of really delicious food that does not include any of the aforementioned foods. So recipes that have simple ingredients are what attract me most and THIS is one of them. Five ingredients, people...five.


1 Box/lb of tri color rotini
1 1/4 cup of diced tomatoes
3/4 cup of shredded fat free mozzarella
2-4 finely chopped fresh basil leaves
Roughly 7oz of Balsamic Vinaigrette (to taste)

And that is IT. I'd like to make two notes.

1. You CAN used diced fresh mozzarella as well however Lindsay likes the continuity of the shredded. Plus lezbehonest it makes for a much easier and faster prep.
2. When Lindsay was texting me the recipe her phone autocorrected "tomatoes" to "panties". And for me that too is worth noting.


Cook the rotini until tender (or al dente as I prefer it), throw in a bowl and mix with remaining ingredients.

It's THAT easy. And for the record, pretty damn healthy too.

If you try it, maybe for your fourth of July parties (hint, hint) be sure to let us know what you think!

Sick as a Dog.

27 June 2013

You know, I never really understood that phrase.... Sick as a dog. My dog has never been sick so to be quite honest, it's fucking stupid if you ask me...but I digress...

I AM sick. And as much as it totally blows, I can't really complain (well too much, because I'm the queen of bitching and complaining so a-bitching I will go) because I haven't been sick in the longest time.

Generally speaking, I get sick all the time, but for some reason the past year has been an ok year...ya know...general pregnancy-bitching aside. You know what else sucks about being sick? Everything tastes like F%#*ING NOTHING. The chicken picatta I had for dinner tasted exactly like the sandwich I had for lunch and the english muffin I had for breakfast. At that point...why the hell am I even bothering to eat.

I'm tired, I'm groggy, I'm stuffy, I'm cough-y, and now I'm grumpy. So I've been forced into a love affair...with Mr. Quil. I've been downing dayquil like it's my damn job.

So I'm forced to go to work in this state of lunacy....and I can only imagine my colleagues feeling a little something like this:

So unfortunately tonight my post will be short and I will be taking a bottle of Nyquil to the face tonight and going to bed far too early.

I believe I still have more pictures to post from last weekend, but to be perfectly honest I'm not entirely sure and as of right now I don't care to look. So off to bed for bug, bumpy, and I. FYI...I give everyone a stupid ass nickname and for the record bumpy is my dog, Sadee but I will further explain later on so for now, I have a bed with my name on it. Good-flippin-night.

Photobomb Part One

24 June 2013

The first of many mini photo bombs.

The Cape

23 June 2013

This weekend was pretty freakin awesome.

I had so much fun shopping and hanging out with bug, boyfriend, and my closest friends.

As I write this bug is fast asleep beside me.... we must have worn her out.

I have so many things coming your way so be prepared. Unfortunately as it is late and I'm off my ass tired I won't be able to post anything until tomorrow.

I have like 29763620836 pictures that need to be posted (which to be honest will probably come in batches).

I FINALLY finished my DIY project and I must say ...I'm sincerely impressed with myself not only in my ability but in my earnest drive to get that fucking thing finished.

I also have an AMAZING beyond amazing recipe that I WISH I could take credit for, it was made by my friend Lindsay who also singlehandedly came up with the recipe on her own. I can't wait to share it with you guys.

And I also got to see the first draft of my new blog and I am SO glad I found and chose this wonderful, wonderful girl.

I won't share who or how I found her until my design is installed and then you can see for yourself what truly amazing work she does.

But for now, bug and I are off to unpack and head to bed for the night.

Tomorrow will begin the start of the picture uploading process, you have been forewarned, prepare accordingly.

Liebster Blog Award

20 June 2013

I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award from Brittany Danielle at With Love nominated me and I am floored to say the least. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. This award is the “favorite blog award”. You have to nominate 5-11 bloggers with less than 200 readers.
To accept the nomination, I have to complete the tasks below:

Link back to the blog that nominated you, Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers, Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator, Share 11 random facts about yourself, Create 11 questions for your nominees, and Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them.
Below are the blogs I have nominated:


Answers to the questions from my Nominator:

1.) What is your favorite clothing store? Oh lord that's easy...Express. They hold the key to my heart...and my wallet.

2.) What is your guilty pleasure? Either reading young adult fantasy/paranormal books orrrr watching Pretty Little Liars.

3.) What is your favorite food? Cant get me enough gummy bears. Totally weird I know, but I could eat them all day every day.

4.) What is your greatest fear? To be completely and totally honest...Losing my memory. I have a terrible memory as it is but Dementia and Alzheimer's run in my family and there's something so scary about seeing someone look at their daughter or their sister or their whoever and not know who they are. It's just a terrifying thought to me.

5.) What is your silliest fear? Octopuses. Go ahead...laugh it up.

6.) What one material thing can you not live without? Ohhh either my phone or my camera. It's the way I get to talk to everyone and give the people I love my love every day and the way I get to document the people I love.

7.) What is your first (or one of your first) childhood memory? Visiting my family in California and taking an 8 hour plane ride ALONE.

8.) If you could pack up your whole life and move tomorrow, where would you go? Ironically enough, California. All my friends and family know this, it's no secret, I would still have actually moved had there not been a little addition to my family a couple months ago ;)

9.) Who knows you better than anyone? Gosh, I'd have to say my best friend Jen. As much as I'd love to say boyfriend, we haven't known each other nearly as long as Jen and I and we are still learning new things about each other every day. But Jen and I have known each other half our lives, and that really says it all right there.

10.) What time do you generally go to sleep at night? Lezbehonest...I'm a momma now sooooo 9:30-10?

11.) If you could meet any one person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? I lost someone very very close to me that I considered a best friend 4 years ago, I would relinquish meeting anyone famous or not, if I could just see him one more time.

Random Facts About Me:

1. I'm an only child. And no for those of you who think that's so fantastically awesome, you are sincerely misinformed. As a child it may have had its perks, but as you get older you truly get to appreciate brothers and sisters even more. (I used to have a fear that I would marry someone who was also and only child and then we would have babies who didn't have uncles, aunts, or cousins. Thank heavens, that's not the case)

2. I had an emergency appendectomy my sophomore year of college. It was a bitch to say the least.

3. I love airports. Primarily because I love to travel. I have been to Florida, Myrtle Beach, California (3 times), Florida (soon to be 4 times), Spain, the Bahamas, Aruba (twice), and the Dominican. I seriously can't get enough.

4. I have a necklace that was given to me by Will Smith.

5. I had a tattoo (not in a secret place mind you) for 6 months before my dad found out about it, and he didn't even see it...he was told I had it.

6. I'm obsessed with anything and everything Disney.

7. I also have an extremely unhealthy obsession with giraffes.

8. This one's a weird one so prepare yourself. If I see people sweating whether it be in person or on TV, it makes my eyes water. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I know, judge away.

9. I didn't honestly believe I was having a baby until the moment they put her in my arms, it didn't become real until I held her for the first time.

10. I can only wink my left eye.

11. I worked as a preschool teacher's assistant and while I was not there very long it was bar none the most rewarding job I have held. There is nothing more amazing than watching these little people grow physically and mentally before your eyes and there is NOTHING greater than hearing every single day how much you are loved.

Here are my questions for my nominees:

1. What is the best purchase you've ever made?

2. What is the proudest moment in your life?

3. Is there something about me that you’ve always wanted to know but have never asked?

4. How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

6. What is your best advice to give someone?

7. If you could do anything regardless of pay what would you do?

8. If you won a million dollars what would be the first thing you'd buy?

9. If you were an animal what would you be and why?

10. If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?

11. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

To Brittany Danielle,
Getting this nomination means more to me than I could ever begin to explain and thank you is simply just not enough. There is nothing I love more than being able to share my life and photos and thoughts, this recognition is touching and I sincerely appreciate it.
"With Love" ;)

Rain Cloud

So you know those days where it feels like there's a raincloud following you around?

THAT, my friends, was yesterday.

All those awesome things I was talking about happening...they all went down the shitter.

First let me start with the house.

We drove up and I knew INSTANTLY it wasn't for us. You know how they say you just get that feeling in your wedding dress that it's "the one" because of the way it makes you feel? I always assumed it was the same with houses.

Well not only did I not get this feeling from this house but it was just NOT right for us. There was WAY too much that needed to be done that the pictures did not properly display. I don't mind cosmetic fact part of me would kind of like a house that needs a little just because I can put a little of myself into the house and put all those interior design classes to good use.

But this was NOT just cosmetic work...EVERYTHING needed work. EVERYTHING. Ceilings, floors, walls, stairs, you name it, it needed fixing or replacing...and well as I like to say...

So that was shitty situation number 1.

Number 2?

That purchase I was talking about. YA...allow me to share.

Mommy has been wanting this Michael Kors wallet for wayyyy too long.

But I sincerely couldn't justify $110 for a wallet. Not cool, Michael, not cool. I'm a mommy now so I'm ballin on a budget.

Well out of nowhere mommy decided to take a look on craigslist and what do you know there's my wallet...just sittin there starin me in the face. And the clouds opened up and angels began to sing and all was right with the world again.

This woman was selling the EXACT wallet I wanted...barely used...for 40 dollars. Go ahead, ask me how excited I was. SO faster than I'm comfortable with admitting I texted this woman telling her I was interested and asked if I could come the next day. She explains that she's busy that day but the following day would be just fine.

So I text her the following morning asking if it was still ok for me to come pick it up at the time we discussed and WHAT DID SHE SAY?!?!

"I already sold it, sry"




Let me just say she is lucky she didn't give me her address because my ass would have been standing at her front door shouting a bunch of my favorite four letter words in her general direction.


And that's not even all of the crap I went through yesterday. I need a pick me up like pronto.

Hump Day

19 June 2013

It's Hump Day, Baby!!!

It's been a loooooong two days let me tell you.

I have like zero time to myself.

And JUST enough time with bug and boyfriend, and girls wine night (the only two things I will MAKE time for)

But this week is turning out to be an extremely eventful one.

Boyfriend and I are looking at a house tonight! Yep that's right, you heard correctly. And I am OUT OF MY MIND excited. Like absolutely losing my shit excited because this momma needs to MOVE OUT. I'm just hoping it's the one (we will see, updates to come)

So we have the house viewing tonight, and I'm FINALLY almost done my DIY project (since it turned from easy DIY project to a please-dont-do-this-it's-far-too-time-consuming project).

I also have a purchase I'll be making tonight that I CANNOT wait to share with you, and I'm stoked out of my mind.

My New Blog should be ready any time now and I'm one step shy of peeing in anticipation.

And to top all this awesome-ness off, Bug, boyfriend, and I are spending the weekend in the Cape with my two best friends and their boyfriends. YEA BABY!!!

I'm all smiles. Photography opportunities out the wahoo. Family time, friends time, wine time, sunshine. Yep.

Right now... I am one happy mama.

"You Look Tired"

13 June 2013

This is the comment I got from our waitress at dinner tonight.

How do you even respond to that?

"I know"?
"I get that a lot." ?

It's basically a blatant and outright insult and the nicest way to tell someone they look like shit and get away with it.

It's Thursday, it's rained practically every damn day, so the only thing that's missing from becoming a narcoleptic would be a radio following me around perpetually playing lullabies.

Sleepy is not a good look for me, my eyes get all dark and swollen like I just got a fist to the face, my face gets ghostly pale like I haven't seen the sun in my's just all around bad.

I sleep great and really have no excuse to be tired...and I am lookin like ass and getting these comments.


So needless to say I'm STOKED it's Friday tomorrow.

I can not WAIT to spend the weekend with my loves and my camera and just RELAX. Bring it on, Friday. Bring. It. On.

Crazy Town

These past few days have been absolutely bananas!

My schedule goes a little like this:

Wake up, engorge on breakfast food, get ready, drive to work, go to work, drive home, engorge on dinner, see bug and boyfriend for ohhhh MAYBE two hours, and then go to bed. BAM. Whole day and that's what I have to show for it.

Social media has become a thing of the past.

At least now I sincerely look forward to the weekends.

And with all this commotion going on, I didn't know monday from thursday and day from night, and what did I do?

I forgot my own mother's birthday.

I wish I were kidding.

Worst daughter award goes to? This guy.

I about lost my shit.

Who does that?

I effed up my DIY project and now have to go about it a wholllllle different way.

I can't wait to finally get into a comfortable groove again...except I'm sure when I do that will be when my schedule changes AGAIN in September.

But there is a little positivity in all this crazy.

I LOVE my job. I love the people I work with. And I love the money that comes with it ($$$$) and there's even MORE money to come. I can barely keep myself from rubbing my hands together and laughing maniacally.

My birthday is coming up :)

AND I'm getting a custom blog designed as we speak!

So there is some excitement to come but for now I must go. I'll leave you with two more pictures from the weekend.

This Weekend's Festivities

10 June 2013

Boyfriend bug and I went to our friend's graduation party. We were so proud of her and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Especially since we love her and her family so much.

So of course we go and bug is passed around like a little hot potato. EVERYONE loves this little peanut. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Still working on my DIY project cause lezbehonest...I'm slooooow....but it's a work in progress.

As Promised

08 June 2013

Photo bomb from tonight :)

More tomorrow! And a DIY tutorial too!!

The Longest Week Ever

The weekend is here!!! YAY! I'm so happy....No ELATED. I love my new job but lord I miss my baby, and my boyfriend....and camera.

So for now, I'll leave you with the shortest blog post ever. But I promise there is LOADS to come...and maybe a DIY project or two I have up my sleeve. :)

Thank God Tomorrow's Friday

06 June 2013

This week has been SOOOOOOOOOO ridiculously long and tiring.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job but my lanta is it tiring.

It's odd because during training my hours are 10-6:30 which in retrospect is only an hour and a half later than when my last job was done for the day....but it may as well be 5!

I'm SO tired by the time I get home at 7 that I eat and am ready to pass the hell out. Only...I haven't seen bug all day, so at the very least I try to stay up and be with her until she's asleep for the night...which lately has been around 8:30-9 o'clock.

That means I'm only seeing bug for MAYBE 2 hours before a night. I breaks my little mommy heart but I know I'm doing the right thing and doing what's best for my family...even if it means less time with them. I kind of use that as my mantra and my motivation to go to work as much as I want to stay home and cuddle all day.

Thankfully I'm really loving this new job. I makes the idea of having to go to work a lot easier to cope with.

THANK GOD tomorrow's Friday because I need me some serious R&R and cuddle time with bug and boyfriend.

Ready for the weekend. Like. Now.

Calorie Switching and Saving

Let me tell you, as I fell off the wagon the last few weeks with dieting I'm back on and stronger than ever.

Let me tell you a little something about calorie SWITCHING and SAVING while calorie counting.

Now I think for me the best part about calorie counting is the fact that I get to have pretty much anything I want...including carbs...yep.

Super awesome fantastic.

Calorie Switching:

Anytime you can switch for a better option, and that option doesn't suck, DO IT.

For example, with a bread you can get a more whole grain or higher fiber bread. But I have this little secret for white bread. Ok you aren't a wheat fan, I like wheat but I know boyfriend doesn't.

Well the NORMAL white bread we buy has 100 calories per slice...BUT you know those obscenely large loafs of bread where the bread slices are kinda small and there's like 3692 in a bag? It's the one that's usually store brand. Well, that bread is 120 calories....for TWO slices. So assuming you're having a sandwich you're saving 80 calories right there. That's an OBSCENE amount of calories. And you're still eating bread, having carbs, and being conscious of your calories.

Calorie Saving:

While we're on the subject of sandwiches let me give you another example. My standard sandwich is a *AHEM* Turkey, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo. DELICIOUS and fairly nutritious.

Well this sandwich isn't so bad for you but there is a way to save calories without losing everything. Now with my sandwich the two worst (for you) ingredients are the mayo and the cheese. So in order to save a few calories I will get rid of one of them.

For me, as much as I'm obsessed with cheese, for a sandwich mayo is far more important, it adds a little moisture and acts as a mortar. Sweet. No brainer. And just by 86-ing the cheese I save about 100 calories.

And as a side note if I use the mayo made with olive oil I would save 40 calories per serving. Huh? Huh? Can I get some love?!

So let me show you my breakfast this morning and how I used these methods to save a shit ton of calories:

This was my breakfast this morning, my friends. Let me break it down for you.

My english muffin is a LIGHT english muffin. And normal english muffin is 130 calories, these are 90. Calories saved: 40

I topped it with cream cheese, totally weird I know but I had read before that it is an excellent switch to butter and oh my lanta were they right. It is around 70 calories for 2 tablespoons while butter or margarine is about 100 calories for 1 tablespoon. Crazy right? And let me tell you, at least for me, it doesn't taste weird at actually makes it taste like a bagel...and ain't nothin wrong with bagels. And the calories saved for 2 tablespoons, my friends: a whopping 130 calories.

I also had a light and fit greek yogurt. My normal chobani yogurt is 140 calories...this one on the other hand is 80. Woop Woop! And if you're doing the math, I'll save you some time...calories saved: 60.

That's just in the food I'm consuming people....not the switches I made in my coffee. Add that up, I saved myself 230 calories by switching to other alternatives. That also makes my meal only 240 calories. Hot damn. I saved almost as many calories as I consumed! Does mama know what she's doing...or does mama know what she's doing? Want more ideas? This website has some great ideas for some swaps.

I know I've been an awful blogger lately but this new job has been taking up allllllll my free time, and then what little free time we have I now make sure is spend with bug and boyfriend. I'm now blogging with the only time I have left, my mornings. I'll definitely be trying to figure out how to make this work. But for now this is it. Let me know of any swaps you make that have made a difference! Comment and subscribe!