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Just Another Rainy Sunday Photo Dump

01 September 2013

Grumpy Bug

14 August 2013

Hi, I'm Bug and I have a black belt in Grumpy.

A New Passion

08 July 2013

I'm so fucking obsessed with this baby, I can't even contain myself. Do you see those eyes? still my heart.

And what I'm loving almost as much right now? Photography.

It's been like my drug. I'm like one of those crazy-ass tourist losers running around with their giant camera around their neck.

Yep. That's me. Total full-blown loser.

So I've decided once I get a bit more equipment and props I'd really like to start doing it for others. Starting out super cheap if not free and work my way to doing it semi-pro (if you will).

However, this mama needs practice. So practice I will.

But I sincerely haven't found a love, or passion, or drive to pursue something like this my whole life, it's a wonderful feeling to have a hobby I love, let me tell you. Expensive...but wonderful nonetheless.

Semi Silent Sunday

05 May 2013

So...I've got a mini photo bomb for ya ladies and gents...but I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me hit !000 VIEWS! I'm beyond excited and here's to the next 1000!

Photo Dump

25 April 2013

Photo dump from over the weekend...

The dogs leave their toys everywhere.

Spring is on it's way! FINALLY. Bring on the warm weather, baby!

Yummmm..home made steak and cheese.


Baby Ballerina

20 April 2013

I just wish now that I had some seriously good editing software instead of the piece-o-crap I've been using. Maybe one day...

Milestone Shmilestone

14 April 2013

From the minute my bug was born she was amazing the crap out of everyone, no seriously, i'm not just saying it. This little girl is ridiculous. Even immediately right after birth she was extremely alert and ready to make an impression. The second day after she was born she was able to hold her head up, granted not for very long, but unbelievable nonetheless. Her legs are so freaking strong, she can stand on them for a few seconds at a time or use them to kick the ever living shit out of whoever is changing her diaper. At 6 weeks now she's still blowing my mind.
I'm not ready to leave her and go back to work. I'm terrified of missing all these milestones that she seems to be blowing past so quickly. So I've been making an attempt to document every second I'm with her just to make sure I feel like I'm not missing much. Thankfully, she'll be watched by my future mother and sister in law, who are almost as obsessed with this bug as we are, taking just as many pictures and videos. I'll be sure to post more later on today but for now, I leave you with this face.

Just Another Quick Post

11 April 2013

An itty bitty baby bug photobomb:

Couldn't help myself. More to come. Comment & subscribe!

Oh,The Weather Outside Is Fan-Freakin-Tastic

09 April 2013

I live in the northeast, Rhode Island to be exact. So whenever the weather gets even remotely nice, us new-englanders go absolutely ape shit. Oh its 58 and partially cloudy? Off to the beach! It's borderline ridiculous...but we truly relish in the good weather because anytime from October to April it's completely plausible to have a snowstorm. Yep. That's 7 months out of the year if you did the math. It's also more than half the damn year. SOOO today it's 73 degrees. Halle-freaking-lujah. Which means mommy and daddy will be taking bug for a walk. This also means I will be playing with my Nikon today. Yay! Pictures to come of course. But just to hold you over, check out this guy :)

I love flowers. Tulips, Lilies, Sunflowers, you name it. These bad boys were from easter and I just couldn't help myself. Hopefully, I'll get a few good ones today..keep checking in for pictures to come. Comment and subscribe.

The Karate Kid

06 April 2013

Sometimes I still wake up in the morning and can't believe I'm a mom. Even after the 39273207402 years that it felt like I was pregnant. I look at her and I can't believe I made a person. Like if you really REALLY think about's a very odd concept to grasp. There was a point in time where there was a PERSON inside me. Maybe it's totally just me...Regardless, this beautiful little girl never ceases to amaze me. I'm definitely already one of those annoying ass moms that has an aneurysm any time their baby does anything...and it doesn't even have to be impressive per se...just adorable...or something I haven't seen her do before. I ogled at her first sneeze,cry,burp,coo,smile, and even the first time she ripped some serious ass. EVERYTHING she does is absolutely adorable.

Unfortunately this post has to be short and sweet as I'm falling asleep sitting up. So to reference my last post about remembering to just keep shooting during photography shoots I wanted to share another photo that I got from remembering this simple idea. This is a shot of my bug from about a week or so ago.

Karate baby :) awesome. More to come. Comment and subscribe!