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Ready, Set....

15 September 2013

I am like the happiest person on earth right now. The engagement shoot went AMAZING. First of all I couldn't have asked for a better, sweeter, more loving first couple to shoot than these two.

I was beaming the entire time taking their photos. And I cannot WAIT to show you what I've done so far.


I am so out of my mind happy with these pictures so far. Sometimes I wish I had a bit more faith in myself. This being my first official non-family shoot I couldn't be more excited.

A big huge thanks to Meagan and Danny for being adorable and being the best guinea pigs ever. THANK YOU.

Engagement Shoot

14 August 2013

So pursuing this whole photography thing has been a bit of a challenge.

Am I giving up?

Oh hell no.

Not in a million-bajillion years.

Yep I said it. Bajillion.

SO have I mentioned I have my first engagement shoot set up?

Yep :) Beyond elated.

But I'm nervous. They're this wonderful, amazing, adorable couple and I REFUSE to let them down.

I explained to the bride-to-be that I am just starting out and trying to get off my feet.

I am doing it for her for free and gave her the link to my wondrous blog to get an idea of the little bits of photography I've done so far. You have to start somewhere right?

We spoke about locations, the look she was going for, if there were any poses she liked or wished to incorporate, and when she'd like to do the shoot.

And now that we have everything set up, I'm getting excited and nervous.

I think oftentimes I doubt myself too much.

So I thought to myself, well hey why not get some practice.

Anddd last night I asked my best friend and her boyfriend to do a practice shoot with me, her excited reaction totally took me by surprise.

I finally feel at ease knowing I can get in some practice with them and knowing them will certainly help make everything a bit more seamless. So we are off to Newport for their shoot which I've been dying to go to.

For some reason it's been SO long since I've been even though it can't be more than a half hour 40 minutes away from where I live.

And even though my bride is looking for a completely different setting I've been dying to do a beach/dock shoot to get some shots similar to these:

(Found these gorgeous shots on Pinterest, done by Jenna Christine Photography)

I have A LOT of ideas and I'm beyond excited.

So be sure to keep a look out for those pictures coming somewhat soon thanks to my wonderful best friend Jen!!!

The Hunt

18 July 2013

So the house hunt has started.

Boyfriend and I have been waiting for this moment for a verrrrry long time now.

But there is an issue...of course...because if you've been reading my blog for even a little while you'll know NOTHING is ever easy for me.

The biggest issue has been deciding whether to rent or buy.

Shouldn't be that difficult of an issue right? so wrong.

So allow me to explain what the hell is going on and to anyone who can give me any semblance of advice I will love you forever.

The problem with renting? Well it's just's renting. It's expensive, it will be difficult to save for a house while paying rent, it's smaller than a house (obviously) but the biggest part about it, is it's going to be practically impossible to find a place that will accept a dog AND a baby.

The second you mention you have a dog (nevermind a BIGGISH dog) you may as well have told them you're an effing serial murderer.

First of all, not only is my bumpy EXTREMELY well behaved, she's middle aged, and a golden of the most mellow, friendly, loving breeds of dog on earth. Well, apparently my adorable, sleeps-20-hours-a-day fluffball is not rental friendly. And well lezbehonest, I'd rather live on the street then give up my girl so that is just not an option. No way, no how.

And then there's bug. Which means the place would also need to be "lead free", which seriously limits the little to no options even further.

But generally speaking I feel as though renting is always the smarter way to go before purchasing because buying a house is kiiiiinda a big deal.

Well now in regards to purchasing a home... it's a much more permanent option, which given it was in the right location, that definitely would be a non-issue, however it is certainly something to consider. We would need to get qualified and deal with getting approved for a loan, and then on top of that finding a house that is in our price range that isn't in complete and utter disrepair.

And to top it off all four of the houses that I found online and asked the realtor to view were ALL under contract, even though two of them were listed as "newly listed". The websites can't take the time to just put that the sale is pending on the house? For that to happen to me 4 different the only 4 houses I've asked about? Like...what the actual fuck.

So please excuse me whilst I bang my head against the wall and try to sort this crazy out.

I've about lost it (more so than normal).... And could really really use some advice.

If anybody has any advice or expertise it would be very much appreciated.. and in the meantime...i'll be here...just ya know...bangin my head against the wall.

And So It Begins

17 July 2013

Passed out asleep beside me this tiny bug has stolen my little black heart.

With each passing day there is something new and I feel like it's happening all so fast.

I swear it felt like it was just last week that we were all trying our hardest to make her smile and now we can't get her to stop. She JUST started laughing all the time (which is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever heard in my life). She's now sitting up (assisted) but sitting up nonetheless. Her little coos and gurgles have turned into full blown baby chatter (and mother of god...she is a talker).

But the last few days or so have been rough for bug. She's been crying way more often then usual and we have been sitting here studying her like a rare artifact.

And we've finally decided we think she is in the very very beginning stages of teething.

Poor bug.

It makes me sad to think there's only so much I can do, and until we know 100% what's causing her to be such a cranky pants I don't want to give her any medicine.

So for now I will hold her close and squish her way too tight and give her all the ice cold tethers she can handle.

But my lanta how quickly all this has happened.

I swear one day I'm just gunna turn around and she's gunna to be walking. Like...totally skip crawling altogether and just start straight up walking.

I know everyone said it would happen FAST but let me be clear, nobody mentioned it happens all at once.

Oy vey, does it happen all out once. But I'm loving every single millisecond of it.

A New Passion

08 July 2013

I'm so fucking obsessed with this baby, I can't even contain myself. Do you see those eyes? still my heart.

And what I'm loving almost as much right now? Photography.

It's been like my drug. I'm like one of those crazy-ass tourist losers running around with their giant camera around their neck.

Yep. That's me. Total full-blown loser.

So I've decided once I get a bit more equipment and props I'd really like to start doing it for others. Starting out super cheap if not free and work my way to doing it semi-pro (if you will).

However, this mama needs practice. So practice I will.

But I sincerely haven't found a love, or passion, or drive to pursue something like this my whole life, it's a wonderful feeling to have a hobby I love, let me tell you. Expensive...but wonderful nonetheless.

Fourth of July Shenanigans

06 July 2013

The Fourth was such a surreal day because the Fourth of July has more than one connotation for me. A year from that day was the the day I discovered I was having a baby.

I was terrified... I was nervous... I was completely overwhelmed.

I thought I was going puke. It was only because of the support of boyfriend and his sisters that I even managed to not lose my sanity completely. I remember saying over and over to myself "holy shit, this time next year I'll have a baby in my arms."

And now here I am a year later even more in love with my best friend and feeling so lucky that we have the most wonderful and beautiful baby girl.... And I wouldn't change a thing.

It was wonderful this Fourth of July with my little family and of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't have 3 billion pictures to document the day but here are a select few :)

Change is Inevitable

01 July 2013

My sister in law (or soon to be) was so flipping cute today.

First of all, this woman (who I love to absolute pieces mind you) has been my lifeline and my sanity throughout my entire relationship with boyfriend, pregnancy, and now motherhood. She's a fucking cornucopia of advice and expertise and I relish in any and every tip, comment, or minute factoid she has to give me, as...more often then's gold, pure gold.

She will never hesitate to tell you whether you're being a complete psychopath (texting her at all hours with obscene pregnancy freak outs) or if you're just doing the normal/acceptable crazy mom bullshit. She tells you how it is (in the nicest way possible of course).

Well, you would swear my sister-in-law was bug's mom. She posts more pictures of her and has more pictures of her around the house than she does of her two boys (I'm not kidding...and I believe they refer to it as their shrine). She loves bug beyond what an aunty does.

And today she texted boyfriend and I with this GIANT ass list of things she had noticed from the last time she'd seen her (which was last week mind you). But the more I read the list, and smile and laugh to myself, I realize how so very right she is.

Every single day bug changes.

She talks like her life depends on it, like she has the cure to world hunger or some shit stored in that little tiny head of hers that she insists on sharing with the world. She just babbles away incoherently, listening to the sound of her own voice, and by what I gather she sincerely enjoys the sound.

She's a baby fart machine, both in the actual and fake forms. She's taken to blowing bubbles and drooling like a rabid dog and makes all these new faces and sounds. She's getting taller and growing more hair. She's just starting to laugh and try to sit up on her own. She can hold things now, even if only for a moment or so. But all of this...all of these things...they're new...they're changing and transforming and it's the most insane and beautiful thing I've ever witnessed in my life.

I just want to soak it all in and remember it all because it seems just as I get used to one little nuance another one arises. She is ever changing, ever growing.

And I love that we get to share these moments with such wonderful people like her aunty. An aunty who texts me to tell me she's noticed all these little, tiny but amazing things.

I guess this post is just to say how so right (again) bug's Aunty really is. Change is inevitable, and with babies it is happening CONSTANTLY so as a parent I think I need to learn and teach myself to take a step back from my rather ridiculously fast paced life and better soak in all these changes. I don't want to miss any new noise, or tiny hair on her head, or milestone, or anything. I don't wanna miss a thing.

Sorry I had to.

Because not only is change inevitable it happens FAST. So to end tonights post I'm going to keep all this in mind and spend the remainder of my night squeezing the bejesus out of my not so little peanut.

Lindsay's Bruschetta Pasta Salad

29 June 2013

The following recipe comes per my friend Lindsay and for the record it IS as delicious as it sounds.

I think the best part about this recipe is that it's simple. And not just simple in that it's easy to make but simple also due to the lack of ingredients. Color me crazy but recipes that I tend to lean toward generally have fewer ingredients.

And if you're wondering...yes I AM one of those nit-picky people. There are a lot of things I do not like for example: onions, olives, mushrooms, ANY seafood, MOST cooked veggies. If that makes me picky...then fine so be it. However, I've lived my whole life eating plenty of really delicious food that does not include any of the aforementioned foods. So recipes that have simple ingredients are what attract me most and THIS is one of them. Five ingredients, people...five.


1 Box/lb of tri color rotini
1 1/4 cup of diced tomatoes
3/4 cup of shredded fat free mozzarella
2-4 finely chopped fresh basil leaves
Roughly 7oz of Balsamic Vinaigrette (to taste)

And that is IT. I'd like to make two notes.

1. You CAN used diced fresh mozzarella as well however Lindsay likes the continuity of the shredded. Plus lezbehonest it makes for a much easier and faster prep.
2. When Lindsay was texting me the recipe her phone autocorrected "tomatoes" to "panties". And for me that too is worth noting.


Cook the rotini until tender (or al dente as I prefer it), throw in a bowl and mix with remaining ingredients.

It's THAT easy. And for the record, pretty damn healthy too.

If you try it, maybe for your fourth of July parties (hint, hint) be sure to let us know what you think!

Sick as a Dog.

27 June 2013

You know, I never really understood that phrase.... Sick as a dog. My dog has never been sick so to be quite honest, it's fucking stupid if you ask me...but I digress...

I AM sick. And as much as it totally blows, I can't really complain (well too much, because I'm the queen of bitching and complaining so a-bitching I will go) because I haven't been sick in the longest time.

Generally speaking, I get sick all the time, but for some reason the past year has been an ok year...ya know...general pregnancy-bitching aside. You know what else sucks about being sick? Everything tastes like F%#*ING NOTHING. The chicken picatta I had for dinner tasted exactly like the sandwich I had for lunch and the english muffin I had for breakfast. At that point...why the hell am I even bothering to eat.

I'm tired, I'm groggy, I'm stuffy, I'm cough-y, and now I'm grumpy. So I've been forced into a love affair...with Mr. Quil. I've been downing dayquil like it's my damn job.

So I'm forced to go to work in this state of lunacy....and I can only imagine my colleagues feeling a little something like this:

So unfortunately tonight my post will be short and I will be taking a bottle of Nyquil to the face tonight and going to bed far too early.

I believe I still have more pictures to post from last weekend, but to be perfectly honest I'm not entirely sure and as of right now I don't care to look. So off to bed for bug, bumpy, and I. FYI...I give everyone a stupid ass nickname and for the record bumpy is my dog, Sadee but I will further explain later on so for now, I have a bed with my name on it. Good-flippin-night.