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Engagement Shoot

14 August 2013

So pursuing this whole photography thing has been a bit of a challenge.

Am I giving up?

Oh hell no.

Not in a million-bajillion years.

Yep I said it. Bajillion.

SO have I mentioned I have my first engagement shoot set up?

Yep :) Beyond elated.

But I'm nervous. They're this wonderful, amazing, adorable couple and I REFUSE to let them down.

I explained to the bride-to-be that I am just starting out and trying to get off my feet.

I am doing it for her for free and gave her the link to my wondrous blog to get an idea of the little bits of photography I've done so far. You have to start somewhere right?

We spoke about locations, the look she was going for, if there were any poses she liked or wished to incorporate, and when she'd like to do the shoot.

And now that we have everything set up, I'm getting excited and nervous.

I think oftentimes I doubt myself too much.

So I thought to myself, well hey why not get some practice.

Anddd last night I asked my best friend and her boyfriend to do a practice shoot with me, her excited reaction totally took me by surprise.

I finally feel at ease knowing I can get in some practice with them and knowing them will certainly help make everything a bit more seamless. So we are off to Newport for their shoot which I've been dying to go to.

For some reason it's been SO long since I've been even though it can't be more than a half hour 40 minutes away from where I live.

And even though my bride is looking for a completely different setting I've been dying to do a beach/dock shoot to get some shots similar to these:

(Found these gorgeous shots on Pinterest, done by Jenna Christine Photography)

I have A LOT of ideas and I'm beyond excited.

So be sure to keep a look out for those pictures coming somewhat soon thanks to my wonderful best friend Jen!!!