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Shout Out To Genetics.

05 August 2013

Can we talk about something for a minute?

Something that's been bothering me for quite some time now.


No seriously...I know it sounds like I'm going to go off on one of my crazy-lady spiels right now but allow me to elaborate before you roll your eyes and shake your head at me.

So the reason genetics have been driving me bat-shit lately is because everything I've been taught is a lie.

Ok maybe that was a bit dramatic but still..hear me out.

In high school I took an absolutely amazing forensics class...easily one of the most fun and fascinating classes I've taken. In the class we spent a decent amount of time on genetics (just as I had in all of my MANY biology classes as well).

In the class we learned about this dude:

Meet Mr. Gregor Mendel, the reason for my sleepless nights and endless confusion.

Gregy, as like to call him, studied the laws of inheritance and founded the science of genetics of PEOPLE based on PEAS.

Now, color me ignorant but that just seems insane in an of itself... But who am I to judge...or know better because I'm not some genius geneticist. So of course I went with it.

And for YEARS we studied this man's theories and his formula for deciding heredity or what is called the Punnett Square.

This, if you are not familiar is a Punnett Square:

A Punnett square is what is used to determine the likelihood of a specific trait in offspring.

(I promise this is going somewhere just bare with me here)

Well for as long as I can remember this freaking square has been telling me that "generally speaking" dominant traits NOT recessive traits are the ones that are likely to be expressed in offspring.

Now the reason for my spiel.

I spent countless nights wondering what bug was going to look like. Countless.

In my head, based on what I knew of genetics I was certain that she would look just like her Daddy as he has all the dominant traits. And yet here she is and she looks JUST like me.

She has my hair...curly, light brown, thin hair. And blue eyes.


Now I had blue eyes until I was 15 months old, and now they are green.

But Daddy has brown eyes.

So that could still be up in the air but the fact that she doesn't have Daddy's brown eyes blows my damn mind.

I mean I get that the chances are minimal that she received my traits, minimal, but still there. It just never occurred to me that that was possible.

Which brings me to my sister in law.

She has two boys. Neither of which look anything alike. Like, not even remotely. One of her boys, her oldest, is a mini version of her husband, and her youngest looks JUST like her.


How is that possible?

And what's better is a teacher of mine, who I love to death, he and his wife have dark brown almost black hair and one of his kids has fire engine red hair and the other has blonde.

Double WTF.

Maybe I'm just a little crazy...maybe it makes perfect sense to everyone else in the world but me...but I'll never stop thinking that my whole life up until this point was a lie.

Oh well, at least bug's cute :)