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20 August 2013

I have totally been slacking.

Because this weekend my little fan bam went camping in Maine!

Yep. Spur of the moment last minute trip.

We drove 4 hours with bug who, unlike most babies, DESPISES the car. Well not so much the car as the seat that confines her.

Talk about a miserable baby.

When we finally got there at 10 we had to set up in the pitch black darkness.

Thank god we had more hands to help us because our tent was ginormous.

We finally get the damn thing up, the pack and play is ready for a very tired bug, and now time for our brand new double high air mattress. The one thing both boyfriend and I were swearing up and down that we needed.

Earlier on we discovered that the pump boyfriend bought to go along with the mattress was electric. Exceppptttt in the middle of the damn wilderness at a campground where the electricity is seriously lacking that will do diddly squat.

So before we left for the trip boyfriend found my old battery powered pump, but the batteries were dead, and because it takes those massive-ass batteries that no one ever has on hand we figured we'd buy some on the way.

When we arrived at the campground 2 minutes before they closed the gates I checked in and checked the mini store they had there, and sure enough...batteries. HALLELUJAH.

Now there I was indian style in the middle of the tent ready to blow up this bed and get some flippin shut eye. We throw the brandy new batteries in the pump turn it on.....and nothing. Not even a peep.

So naturally I yell at boyfriend and was like "put these in the right way"...he tries them again...turning them 30293 different ways when finally, he notices it's all corroded....and never going to work.


And now Bug is crying, like her limbs are being torn off, god knows why as she should have been exhausted. And it feels like it's 40 degrees outside.

I start flipping the hell out so boyfriend takes the mattress and treks off to the bathrooms to try and blow the damn thing up using the electricity there.

About 15 minutes later he comes back...with a half inflated bed. Why half inflated you ask? Good question! Because I'm pretty sure I asked the same thing of him but included a selection of profane words sprinkled in there for good measure.

Apparently the bathroom door would not accommodate a fully blown up air mattress to get through.

Great, just fucking great.

You know what's worse than sleeping on a half inflated bed? Aside from sleeping on broken glass or a pile of knives, nothing. Nothing.

My ass was on the ground, my head was being enveloped and crushed between the "pillow" portion of the mattress and boyfriend and I both sank in to the middle of the bed crushing each other.

Needless to say I woke up one angry, sleep deprived mama.

When we woke up, first order of business was to grab Aunty and her boyfriend (who we went camping with) and head to the nearest Walmart. We exchanged the electric pump for a battery operated one and filled my tummy with lots and lots of coffee and from there our trip FINALLY got better.

We returned back to the campsite blew up the mattress, which was extremely comfortable by the way when properly inflated. We went to the beach and bug had a blast!

It made me sad to leave but as much as I love camping I can only go for so long. This time I definitely wish we could have stayed longer, but that wasn't in the cards really, as it was so spur of the moment.

Boyfriend and I decided we want to make sure we have annual family camping trips every year. And I totally agree.

And the kicker to all this?

I brought my camera and didn't take one single picture. Why?

Because my dumb ass thought the battery was dead when in reality it wasn't even IN the camera.

Ugh. Oh well. Maybe next year.