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Mommy Popsicles

08 August 2013

Remember that thing I had mentioned a little while back about the easier the recipe the better?

This simple refreshing cocktail popsicle is the epitome of easy.

To be honest I bought the popsicle mold with the utmost intention of making these bad boys:

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

orrrrr maybe these:

Nutella Coolwhip Popsicles

But lets be real here for a second....nutella and cheesecake are great and all....but is my kryptonite.

So that's when I decided to make these instead...

These would be EXTRA delicious with pieces of fruit added in....buuuut our fridge happens to be lacking in the fruit department right now so these simple ingredients sufficed.

The amount of the ingredients really depends on your taste...I did 2/3 OJ to about 1/3 of wine. But any number of juices and wines would work nicely together. Experiment a bit and get creative.

They're the perfect summer outdoor mommy treat.

Refreshing, delicious, and... wine...did I mention there was wine? :)

Enjoy and let me know what you think!