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Yard Sale Table Makeover

30 September 2013


I'm so pumped to share this with you because I'm so stoked excited elated how this project came out.

I'm also probably definitely too, run-around-the-house-waving-my-A+-in-everybody's-face-super-glue-to-the-fridge proud.

Now let me rate this project first.

I'd have to say on a scale of 1-10, 10 being I have my own show on HGTV, my home improvement skills are somewhere around a 7 or so. I'm fairly handy...just saying.

I couldn't do plumbing or electrical to save my life, but I did go to school for interior design, I watch HGTV like nobody's business, and I've done a number of projects with family and friends (primarily my Dad).

I'd have to rate this project a 2 in regards to difficulty.

And it's also a two day project. Not that it takes two days to complete but there's some dry time.

So I know I'm killing you with the we go..drum roll please!

How ya like them apples?!

I'm so in love with the end result.

So how did I get to the end result you ask?

Excellent question.

I sanded the ever-living shit out of it. Using medium grit sandpaper and a weeks worth of motivation. It took a lot longer than I anticipated simply due to all the small details in the piece.

I dusted off the table with a dry paper towel to remove all the debris and then followed up with a lightly dampened paper towel.

Now from here I would normally use a primer. Primer is good for more than one reason, it helps the coats on top of it adhere to whatever you're painting and helps eliminate the need for more coats.

I however did not have primer on hand so I did two coats waiting a day in between. And had I had a small roller on hand I likely would have rolled all the flat surfaces to avoid seeing brush strokes. But to be honest they really aren't the noticeable. I'm also thinking about replacing the hardware, but for now I will sit back and love it.

For 5 bucks and a couple hours of my time...I'm so so happy with the outcome!

Now tell me, whaddaya think?!

Yard Saling At Its Finest

29 September 2013

Can we talk for a second about how ridiculously awesome yard sales are?

So for boyfriend and I money's a bit tight, and there are just certain things I can't justify paying for when I'm pinching pennies.

So Bug has been VERY active the last couple weeks, to the point where we were having a few accidents and I was losing my damn mind. The one thing I needed that would really help was a play center or exersaucer or something so that I'd be able to throw her in there for a little and get stuff done without needing to worry what she was bumping into or falling off of or into or whatever.

I wasn't able to accomplish anything unless she was down for a nap and her 4.8 million toys weren't cutting it. But I sincerely couldn't justify (or afford) throwing down 80 bucks for an exersaucer. So we went to second hand stores. The selection was more than limited and they were still asking 40-60 bucks. Hell to the no.

Well on our way to apple picking the other day Daddy's eagle eyes spotted one at a yard sale. We practically tokyo drifted to a stop and I was out of the car and like galloping over to it.

So I'm getting closer and closer to it and soon realized it was actually the one I WANTED, the crazy ridiculous one that retails OVER a 100 bucks.

I'm walking over to it expecting there to be a 20-30 dollar price on it, and with my bartering skills at the ready I step up to it.

There's a littttle tiny sticker on it, and how much was she asking?

10 bucks.


The thing looked practically brand new, and was in far better condition than any of the ones at the second hand stores, on top of the fact that it's not even outdated, they still sell this one in store.

I wasn't even going to bargain, 10 bucks is just too good a price, anything lower and I'd be low balling her.

So now I'm wondering if it's too good to be true, maybe the lights and sounds don't work or something.

The woman, sweet as can be, came over telling me how much her daughters loved it and that EVERYTHING STILL WORKS.

HA "I'll take it!" I practically shouted.

So she's collapsing it and dusting it off for me and SWEAR TO PETE she looks at me and says "Ya know what, it's kinda dirty, you have have it for 7."

SAY WHAT NOW?! You just bartered yourself down?!

It's not even dirty really. And I would have washed it regardless once I brought it home. HOLY CRAP.

So this is it:

We ALSO got a stand up tent for all our camping trips next summer, and since daddy and I love camping so much my mom bought it for us. It's a bit smaller then I would ideally like, it's probably a 10x10 single room, but for now, it will work great for us and is really all we need. It was in great condition and the sweet guy also threw in a giant ass bag of books for Bug. Holla.

We got Rush Hour 3, The Departed, and American Gangster (all for Daddy) for a total of 4 bucks.

And finally my mom came across a table for us, she had good bones and beautiful lines but needed a little TLC. She got this table for 5 bucks.

Now, I took it upon myself this Friday and Saturday to overhaul it. But that little DIY project you'll need to wait until tomorrow to see. :) Gotta keep you coming back for more right?

I cannot WAIT to show you, it honestly turned out better than I expected and I really love it, partially because it was a labor of love but also because it looks so different and fantastic. Look back tomorrow to see how it turned out!

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

22 September 2013

So yesterday Boyfriend, Bug, and I went pumpkin and apple picking with Aunty Jen and Aunty Lindsay.

It was awesome. The weather was fantastic. It couldn't have been better.

I love fall. It is without question my favorite season, the leaves changing, the comfy sweater weather, apple and pumpkin everything, candles, blankets.

In my book, nothing tops it. Fall is my happy.

So this whole day was the epitome of that.

We got a daddy, mommy, and baby pumpkin and a whole bunch of apples. Daddy bought a yummy Apple Crisp and I bought a chocolate & caramel covered apple.

Holy delicious.

I only have a couple pictures for now but there are more to come, especially with the present that Aunty Lindsay got Bug that I may or may not be obsessed with.

But for now these will have to do.

Creamy Ranch Crockpot Chicken

19 September 2013

Remember how I always say my favorite recipes are the easy ones?

This recipe is the epitome of easy.


1 Package of Chicken Breast (I used just over a pound)
2 Cans of Cream of Chicken
1/2 Packet of Ranch Seasoning
1/3 Cup of Sour Cream
Cheese to Taste or as Desired (I used half a mozzarella cheese stick...think I'm joking? I'm not..we were out of cheese)


Quite literally just plop it together.

Ahh the beauty of crockpots.

I put my chicken in first, followed by the cream of chicken, sour cream, and then ranch seasoning. I added the cheese towards the end. Then I gave it quick stir and then stirred occasionally every 2 hours or so and Voila!

You can put it on pasta, rice, or even mashed potatoes. I used egg noodles because we always have more than enough of it to go around.

It cooks for about 5-6 hours on low and that's about it. Easy as can be.

It was almost too easy. I think next I'm going for the crock pot beef stew....Yum. One of my all time fall/winter favorites.

What's your favorite crockpot recipe?

Lemme hear em!

Why Me?

Can we talk about the shit that only happens to me?

As we've discussed previously I'm kind of a hazard.

I never cease to amaze myself sometimes I swear.

Allow me to elaborate further with the following story:

The other day when I was giving bug a bath, I was cleaning the tub of her things when I decided that there wasn't enough room in the shower for her other bottle of Johnson's and Johnson's (and to be completely honest, I'm not entirely fond of the smell...the purple bedtime bath and the yellow classic one are my two favorites...but I digress) so I pick up the bottle.

The bottle, mind you, is not wet. It is also in no way slippery or anything of the sort but my dumb ass managed to drop it.

Now I've dropped shampoo/soap/you-name-it bottles 4 bajillion-million times in the shower.

And my life usually flashes before my eyes followed by the overwhelming fear of crushed toes and some riverdance-esk foot flailing action.


But in all those times not ONCE has anything happened to the bottle. Never ever.

Wanna know what happened this time around?

Feast Your Eyes:

This shit.

How is this even real life?

It just committed suicide.

And while part of me was all like..."Oh no, oh why?! Why meeeeee!?"

The other part was all like "Fine by me, I didn't really like ya that much anyway."

But still.

Stuff like this, would only happen to me.

Where Does The Time Go?

17 September 2013

Bug had a doctors appointment yesterday, Doc said she's healthy as a horse. Right on track with weight (14.09 lbs) and above average in height (27 inches up 2 inches from our last visit!).

Daddy's not very tall, he's about 5'8", he'll tell you 5'9" but that's not the case.

I'm 5'7 1/2" and have a veryyy tall family. My mom is 5'9" and my dad is 6'3" but boyfriend's family runs on the short to average side so it's a toss up as to what she's going to be.

Both his side as well as my own have issues with weight so both boyfriend and I are VERY adamant about watching hers. And I vow to be that way with her until the day she is no longer living in my house and in my care. I refuse to allow my babies to struggle through life the way I did. So hearing the doctor say she is average and right on track with weight makes my heart sing, even if she is only 6 months.

So between editing photos, going to doctors, spending time with family, and a sick Daddy and now a sick life has been bonkers.

At least something went right today.

I called Summer Infant the makers of our baby monitor, which decided to stop working this past week, and told them we had a problem.

The really nice gentleman on the phone Everett (who I proceeded to call Ed the entire phone call due to my little deaf ears) said that he would replace our monitor, which is only 5 months old, with a brand spankin' new monitor.

And oh, did I mention it's the newest version?! Hell ya!

When boyfriend and I went to buy the monitor it was severely discounted which we deemed to be due to a newer model replacing it coming out soon. Sure enough...that was the case!

I'm so freaking excited that ONE..just ONE little tiny insignificant thing went right, that I want to shout from the rooftops how awesome Summer Infant is.

Now if only everything else in my life would follow suit.

I finished editing the engagement shoot pictures which I will be sure to leave at the end of this post. I also added a little something extra for her which I will share with you, just because she was so wonderful.

But right now I'm in need of some hibernation.

So I'm gunna sit on the couch in my PJ's and slippers, with a warm fuzzy blanket, a fire, and a giant bowl of soup while little bug snoozes away upstairs...


Ready, Set....

15 September 2013

I am like the happiest person on earth right now. The engagement shoot went AMAZING. First of all I couldn't have asked for a better, sweeter, more loving first couple to shoot than these two.

I was beaming the entire time taking their photos. And I cannot WAIT to show you what I've done so far.


I am so out of my mind happy with these pictures so far. Sometimes I wish I had a bit more faith in myself. This being my first official non-family shoot I couldn't be more excited.

A big huge thanks to Meagan and Danny for being adorable and being the best guinea pigs ever. THANK YOU.

First Photo Shoot

14 September 2013

So tonight is the night of my first official photo shoot and I am a cornucopia of mixed emotions. I am nervous, I'm excited, but I'm soo ready to see what I'm capable of.

It is for an adorable couple, Meagan and her fiancé Danny.

I'm doing it pro bono (I'd say free but I just love the way pro bono sounds hahah) because it is my first actual shoot with non friends/family and mama need some experience.

I've been talking with Meagan off and on and she's excited and nervous too, but I'm confident I can get her some really great pictures. And for free? Who can beat that!

What's funny is I've read a lot of different blogs and posts that tell you basically that it's sacrilege to do a free photo shoot, that regardless of experience you should be paid for your time. And for me that really just doesn't make sense.

It'd be different as a second or third shoot maybe but as a first? I just can't justify making someone pay for something in an area I have no experience. Their shoot IS my experience.

Children...babies? Sure.

Couples? Nope.

So we're going to a farm I used to take Bumpy to for walks in the summer.

It. Is. Beautiful.

There are fields and gorgeous trees, a pond, winding paths...we should have PLENTY to work with and it'll be great being familiar with the area.

It's funny being as nervous/excited as I am I don't understand how photographers do weddings. And as much as I would love to do weddings in the future once I'm far more experienced, I just don't know if I could. It's no wonder wedding photographers make the money they do... and here my friends, is why. I never truly realized it until I started doing my own photography.

First of all it's an all day affair so not only are you paying them to be there ALL day to take hundreds upon hundreds of pictures, but from there they need to go through each individual pictures to find the perfect shots and THEN edit.

But that is all obvious to me, I mean clearly you pay the photographer for their time and the product. But to ME this is why they are worth the money:

You do an engagement shoot, the pictures aren't what the client expects, you can do another shoot if you need to.

You do a newborn or family shoot and the pictures don't come out right, you do another shoot.

You do a senior portrait and your camera breaks, you do another shoot.

And while doing another shoot and/or not being prepared is not professional at least you HAVE that option.

A wedding is ONE day, ONE time only. You have one shot to get it right. There is no option for another shoot. And these people are expecting you to take the best possible pictures right then and there.

So oftentimes I've been seeing photographers have a second shooter.

And all professional photographers at the very least usually have backup cameras and lenses.

HA like I could afford that shit...maybe one day.

But for now, here is where I start. THIS is the day it all begins.

My FIRST engagement shoot.

Make sure you keep looking back to see how it all turns out!

Silly Faces

13 September 2013