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Car Technology

05 September 2013

Can we talk about cars for a second?

Totally random I know.

But I definitely just saw a commercial for a minivan that has a vacuum BUILT IN.

That's heard me...BUILT. IN.

SOMEBODY had their Wheaties the morning they made that decision. Damn.

And like...Who in their right mind wouldn't want that?

It's absolute genius. And it's hidden away behind a panel in back like this:

That is just way too much genius for me to handle all at once.

Back up sensors, moonroofs that take up the whole ceiling, in-car vacuums, cars that drive and park themselves, motion censored lift gates...


I remember when the coolest thing our car had was a digital speedometer and a car phone.

Car phone...that's right..I just took your ass down memory lane. You're welcome.

Now if only they can come up with a technology that can help me parallel park like a badass