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Holy Crap!!!

30 November 2013

Today is the day of AWESOME NEWS

Well first off!!!

Confessions of a Serial Napper hit

Holy crap...mother of all things wonderful and great with the world. I can't believe it.

You guys are the best.

Thanks for making me feel pretty damn special, and an extra super awesome thank you to my followers and frequent commenters. I love sharing with you all and being able to read about your crazy and wonderful lives too.

And speaking of all this awesome and thankfulness, I guess I have something else to thank you guys for.

Because all that praying, wishing, hoping you did for my little family...well...IT WORKED.


And we move in REALLLL soon.

I am SOOOO excited.

I can't even believe we're this lucky.

So if you need me I'll be here...trying to wrap my mind around it all.

The Bug Update

29 November 2013

My god can we talk about how this baby just doesn't STOP learning?


So Bug is now 9 months and her most recent milestones include:

Adding the word "Dada" to her repertoire (which boyfriend totally attempts to act all like " biggie" about but is secretly losing his shit over)

Clapping her hands (it's literally like heart wrenchingly cute) ...especially when she does it because she likes a song and proceeds to dance and clap.

WAVING!!! She literally just did this on thanksgiving for the first time. As we were leaving her uncle waved goodbye to her and that little crazy took us all by surprise and waved back. We were all like

Followed immediately by

And the final thing she has done is stand unassisted.

I shit you not.

So this little buttface (for lack of a better word) loves my phone.

It's like baby catnip to her.

Well she found it lying beside me on the couch and decided that she needed it at that very moment and without hesitation grabbed it and start chewing/gumming it...except...little to her knowledge did she realize that the phone was occupying both her hands and not holding on to anything, and she stood for a solid two seconds. She hasn't really built upon it much more, you can tell she's terrified about it and wont really do it on her own unless she doesn't realize she's doing it.

We've gotten her to stand for about 10 seconds before plopping down but haven't really made much headway aside from that.

But this baby is just so absolutely terrfying-ly smart.

Slow you're roll, little bug, before you give mommy a heart attack.

A Thanksgiving Preview

The middle one is her reaction to Cranberry Sauce...classic.

Life Updates

24 November 2013

I'm still living life in the fast lane at the moment.

I feel like the weeks are FLYING by now.

How the eff did Thanksgiving sneak up on us like that?

I'm so excited to have a day off to spend time with the whole family and eat until I shame.

I got my first check from the new job and wow...just wow.

I am SO happy.

Boyfriend and I went to go see an apartment yesterday.

And what's funny is it specifically said in the ad that it was not a pet friendly place.

But I kept coming across the apartment and it was in a perfect location for us. It was far bigger than anything we'd seen, very very nicely done, AND cheaper.

So I left an email, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.

Yesterday the owner called, I told him I was very interested in the place and that I noticed that the ad said it was not pet friendly but I figured I'd go out on a limb. I told him about Sadee and that I wasn't about to be dishonest about owning a pet. He said that he sincerely appreciated my honesty, that his wife was currently at the home and if we had time to stop by we could go see it in person.

I practically shit my pants.

Here is a time when being honest can actually work in your favor. And I had a feeling that may be the case because it's not like it is in a giant complex.

Well all it took was walking in the door and I knew it was for us. And boyfriend did too.

So we filled out an application and NOW we wait.

Have I mentioned I hate waiting?

I like to think I'm patient but really...I'm not...not even a little. And it will eat away at my soul until I know either way whether or not we got the apartment.

So to all my bloggy friends send out your best and biggest "You got the apartment" vibes and wish our little family luck!

Things You Didn't Know About Me

19 November 2013

So this thing has been going around facebook about posting things people don't know about you and while I don't know if I would do it on facebook where would be a perfect place for that?


Right here.

So here you go.

1. My middle name is Theresa.

2. My first dogs name was Jetty.

3. I've owned bunnies and guinea pigs and I miss them more than anything.

4. I'm an only child. And when you're a kid everyone's all "oh that's awesome you don't have to share anything" blah blah blah.. But the grass is always greener right? Well it was shitty for me. Sure I got more presents than most kids but who gives a rats ass if you have all these toys and no one to enjoy them with. AND if boyfriend didn't have two sisters bug would have NO aunts uncles or cousins. Talk about depressing. 

5. I love to sing. I'm not a bad by any means but I'm also not American idol material. I just genuinely love to sing. 

6. I despise the sound of my own voice (talking not singing).

7. My great grandmother lived to be 102.

8. I name EVERYTHING. blankets, rugs, cars, pillows, toys, you name it.

9. My favorite tv shows are pretty little liars (judge away), vampire diaries, and Big Bang theory. 

10. I'm obsessed with reading and to this day my all time favorite book is still Tuesdays with Morrie. That book changed my life and I'm ashamed by the ugly crying that followed most of my nights reading it.

11. I'm obsessed with candles.

12. And also anything Disney.

13. I can't wait for the day I get to call boyfriend, husband.

I'll definitely be adding to this but for now it'll have to do because I'm one tired mama! 

The Apartment Hunt

17 November 2013

I am MISERABLE trying to find an apartment for my little family.

Apparently everyone hates dogs and wants nothing to do with them but how could you hate this face?

Fo realz.

No but seriously my Sadee has more in common with an area rug than she does a dog.

She a lazy, lovey, do-nothing-but-eat-and-sleep dog.

And I get that some places don't have the yard or grounds for dogs and that's understandable but not all dogs are messy, smelly, worrisome, destructive animals.

And the ones that do allow dogs charge 4.8 million dollars a month.

But as much as I love to bitch and complain.

I couldn't live without her...and so the search continues.

Crossing the Line

15 November 2013

Let's talk about how busy I am, shall we?

I work 8 hours a day now (YAY!) I spend a total of two hours driving to and from work.

Now I live in RI...that's the length of the state and in ANYBODYS eyes, an unacceptable commute.

And then what little time I have left in my day, I spend with Boyfriend and Bug.

I'm so glad to be working again and making great money doing something I love, but this commute is KILLER and I'm itching DYING to move. It'll put us closer to both Boyfriend's job as well as my own, AND our family.

And now we'd definitely be able to comfortably afford it.

I'm so excited, except now, my home life is ruined.

Don't worry...I'll add some gifs to lighten the mood, so allow me to elaborate.

All of us live with my mom.

It was intended to be a short term, until-we-get-off-our-feet-and-save-some-money thing, and then we got preggers. HA.

Well it's been about a year and a half now and let me tell you. All is NOT well.

My relationship with both my parents has always been the same. When it's good it's great and when it's bad...well to be frank, it's a living hell.

If Hell had a Hell...that's where I'd be right now.

My mom and I have always butt heads but the other night she SEVERELY crossed a line that should never ever be crossed.

Here's a little background.

I had a pretty damn good day nannying (the baby is extremely well-bahaved he makes Bug look like a demon child haha) well anyway, regardless of my good day, it still makes for a reaallllly long day.

I need to wake up at 7 to be ready to leave by 7:45 so I am able to drop Bug off at my mother-in-laws (on the days she's there), and be at the family's home by 10 of 9 which is what I usually aim for. I leave at 5, pick up Bug, and don't arrive home until about 6:30.

All that driving, man. Ugh. Did I mention Vi (that's what I call my SUV...short for Violet...yes she's purple..stop judging) gets like .7 miles to the gallon.


Well anyway long story, even longer...I get home and decide to give the baby a bath before bed. I spent almost a half hour between getting everything ready, the bath, and then getting Bug ready for bed I was beyond tired. She was almost done but became super restless and squirmy...just like she always does and I only had to brush her two little teeth and make a bottle and was done.

So I decided to put her in the crib so I wouldn't have to corral her and SURPRISE she was pissed.

Bug has been very tantrum-y lately. It's been a giant pain in the ass but we're trying to work through and solve it...WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I left her in her crib to throw her fit while I did a little cleaning up and got her toothbrush and bottle ready.

Now here's where the issue starts.

My mom, who loves to act like super grandma, came out of her room and instantly I knew why. Before I even gave her the chance I stopped her in her path and said "she's fine, she's throwing a tantrum, I'm making her a bottle, I'm almost done" so she huffed, turned on her heel and walked back into her room.

Now as a parent, I refuse to give in to her tantrums, I REFUSE to let her think that she can throw herself back and cry in a fit of rage because she's angry and KNOW I'll just go pick her up and give her what she wants. To me, that's just bad parenting. What are you teaching her at that point?

So now another, probably 2 minutes has passed and she's still really angry, I had made a feeble attempt at brushing her teeth and really wasn't getting anywhere so I had JUSTTTTT finished making her bottle when my mom storms in shouting "You can't let her cry like that!"

I look at her enraged and say "Do NOT pick her up"

And what does she do, she picks her right the fuck up.

I instantly felt my cheeks BURN with rage.

I looked at her and through gritted teeth and said "I'm her mother, put her down"

And what does she say?


I was if you were to take my blood pressure at that very moment you would have thought I was on the verge of a heart attack or stroke.

I looked at my mom and Bug who had instantly stopped crying because she had gotten her way and I said "she's not hurt, she's not sad, or scared she's throwing a fit, now put her down, I'm her parent, I say what goes." Of course boyfriend is no where in sight to back me up....and she tells me no again.

I don't know how I didn't throw that woman out the window. I was seething. I threw the bottle, I had just made to the floor and walked out. I needed to breathe. I couldn't believe my own mother disrespected me. How am I supposed to grow and learn as a parent if my own keeps intervening?

And what's more is we can't blame Bug for acting the way she does if she is not receiving equal forms of discipline.

This was 2 days ago, and last night was even worse, that will stay under wraps as I am embarrassed for my mom at her outrageous behavior but she still seems to think she has done no wrong.

Has this happened to anyone else with their parents or have any advice? It'd be more than appreciated.

Why Am I So Excited For...

10 November 2013


Like this never happens.

I mean normally I'm excited but I'm like


For all things Christmas/Wintery like:

And to get lots of baby christmas shots like this one:

And then watch alllllll the Christmas movies I can until my brain explodes

The Best Kind of Awesome

07 November 2013

Yesterday I received a call that's going to change my life.

And not only that. It was the best call I've ever received.

No we're not having another baby yet.

So I screened a call yesterday from a number I knew was one of two people.

But because the number was a texas number I wasn't familiar with it and I didn't know which of the two people it was. So I screened that shit like I was the president. Telling myself that if it was important the person would leave a message.

And sure enough...they did.

Remember that temporary position I had had?

It was a nannying position for a family.

I have always always wanted to work with children, but working in an early learning center (which I have) pays terrible.

Good to know the people that watch your children (and 19 other children at the same time) make just above minimum wage. It's sick, if you ask me.

But regardless, nannying was my next best option (a better option really) less children and far more pay.

Even though I've babysat since I was 12 for multiple families, worked at a summer camp, and worked at an early learning preschool, and now being a mother, I've repeatedly been told I don't have enough "experience". Whether that be nannying, infant, or just plain experience experience.

For three years it was the same response. Over and over and over.

Well the temp position was great but it was just that, temporary.

And just like all the others the nanny that was chosen was due to experience.

Yesterday the call I received was from the mom I temporarily nannied for.

She said her new nanny had started and that it just wasn't working for her. She said that she knew she had picked her because on paper she looked better. She had the infant experience she was looking for.

And then she said the one thing that made my heart melt.

"As cheesy as it sounds I just kept thinking to myself, she's not Kerin"

It brought tears to my eyes.

This doesn't happen, like ever. ESPECIALLY to someone like me.

She was the first person to actually give me a chance, and even though it was just temporarily until the nanny she had chosen over me could start, it was still enough to prove myself. I never received that chance with anyone else.

For her to admit she was wrong in her decision and decide she was happier with me? How is that real?!

It is TWICE (no really, twice) the money I would be making at an early learning center, and I have 1 baby instead of 20 4 year olds.

And it's the most money I'll have made at ANY job.

AND because of all this money coming in, boyfriend, Bug, and I will FINALLLLLLLLYYYY be able to move out, comfortably.

This is a turning point in my life and I couldn't be happier.

My dream job and now boyfriend and I will finally be able to move on with our lives and have our little family together in our own little place.

Now if only we can find a place that accepts lazy golden retrievers. The hunt is on!

The Smartest Baby

06 November 2013

So you know how every one in the world thinks they have the smartest baby?

That's me right now.

But I DO have the smartest baby.

And what I've come to realize is two of the major attributes to a smart individual are curiosity and drive.

And Bug is both of those, even at 8 months.

Yep...did I mention she's 8 months now?

Yea I know.

I digress...But I mean think about it, scientists who discover cures, and travelers who discover new worlds, they do those things because they're curious and they're driven.

Bug is extremely curious and extremely driven.

She wants to know what everything does and go the places she hasn't seen or touched.

This alone is why I believe this little peanut is so advanced.

I would be GENUINELY surprised if she hasn't taken her first steps before 10 months.

She is SO driven and adventurous.

She has pushed herself to learn to crawl and stand up assisted so that she could see things better and get to things she wanted. You can see how badly she wants it.

Today we have one of those push walker things coming for her. I'm so excited for it, to see how she is with it. We got this one:

I MAY be more excited than she is.

Just For Now

05 November 2013

More to come!