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24 November 2013

I'm still living life in the fast lane at the moment.

I feel like the weeks are FLYING by now.

How the eff did Thanksgiving sneak up on us like that?

I'm so excited to have a day off to spend time with the whole family and eat until I shame.

I got my first check from the new job and wow...just wow.

I am SO happy.

Boyfriend and I went to go see an apartment yesterday.

And what's funny is it specifically said in the ad that it was not a pet friendly place.

But I kept coming across the apartment and it was in a perfect location for us. It was far bigger than anything we'd seen, very very nicely done, AND cheaper.

So I left an email, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.

Yesterday the owner called, I told him I was very interested in the place and that I noticed that the ad said it was not pet friendly but I figured I'd go out on a limb. I told him about Sadee and that I wasn't about to be dishonest about owning a pet. He said that he sincerely appreciated my honesty, that his wife was currently at the home and if we had time to stop by we could go see it in person.

I practically shit my pants.

Here is a time when being honest can actually work in your favor. And I had a feeling that may be the case because it's not like it is in a giant complex.

Well all it took was walking in the door and I knew it was for us. And boyfriend did too.

So we filled out an application and NOW we wait.

Have I mentioned I hate waiting?

I like to think I'm patient but really...I'm not...not even a little. And it will eat away at my soul until I know either way whether or not we got the apartment.

So to all my bloggy friends send out your best and biggest "You got the apartment" vibes and wish our little family luck!