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The Bug Update

29 November 2013

My god can we talk about how this baby just doesn't STOP learning?


So Bug is now 9 months and her most recent milestones include:

Adding the word "Dada" to her repertoire (which boyfriend totally attempts to act all like " biggie" about but is secretly losing his shit over)

Clapping her hands (it's literally like heart wrenchingly cute) ...especially when she does it because she likes a song and proceeds to dance and clap.

WAVING!!! She literally just did this on thanksgiving for the first time. As we were leaving her uncle waved goodbye to her and that little crazy took us all by surprise and waved back. We were all like

Followed immediately by

And the final thing she has done is stand unassisted.

I shit you not.

So this little buttface (for lack of a better word) loves my phone.

It's like baby catnip to her.

Well she found it lying beside me on the couch and decided that she needed it at that very moment and without hesitation grabbed it and start chewing/gumming it...except...little to her knowledge did she realize that the phone was occupying both her hands and not holding on to anything, and she stood for a solid two seconds. She hasn't really built upon it much more, you can tell she's terrified about it and wont really do it on her own unless she doesn't realize she's doing it.

We've gotten her to stand for about 10 seconds before plopping down but haven't really made much headway aside from that.

But this baby is just so absolutely terrfying-ly smart.

Slow you're roll, little bug, before you give mommy a heart attack.