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Holy Crap!!!

30 November 2013

Today is the day of AWESOME NEWS

Well first off!!!

Confessions of a Serial Napper hit

Holy crap...mother of all things wonderful and great with the world. I can't believe it.

You guys are the best.

Thanks for making me feel pretty damn special, and an extra super awesome thank you to my followers and frequent commenters. I love sharing with you all and being able to read about your crazy and wonderful lives too.

And speaking of all this awesome and thankfulness, I guess I have something else to thank you guys for.

Because all that praying, wishing, hoping you did for my little family...well...IT WORKED.


And we move in REALLLL soon.

I am SOOOO excited.

I can't even believe we're this lucky.

So if you need me I'll be here...trying to wrap my mind around it all.