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The Best Kind of Awesome

07 November 2013

Yesterday I received a call that's going to change my life.

And not only that. It was the best call I've ever received.

No we're not having another baby yet.

So I screened a call yesterday from a number I knew was one of two people.

But because the number was a texas number I wasn't familiar with it and I didn't know which of the two people it was. So I screened that shit like I was the president. Telling myself that if it was important the person would leave a message.

And sure enough...they did.

Remember that temporary position I had had?

It was a nannying position for a family.

I have always always wanted to work with children, but working in an early learning center (which I have) pays terrible.

Good to know the people that watch your children (and 19 other children at the same time) make just above minimum wage. It's sick, if you ask me.

But regardless, nannying was my next best option (a better option really) less children and far more pay.

Even though I've babysat since I was 12 for multiple families, worked at a summer camp, and worked at an early learning preschool, and now being a mother, I've repeatedly been told I don't have enough "experience". Whether that be nannying, infant, or just plain experience experience.

For three years it was the same response. Over and over and over.

Well the temp position was great but it was just that, temporary.

And just like all the others the nanny that was chosen was due to experience.

Yesterday the call I received was from the mom I temporarily nannied for.

She said her new nanny had started and that it just wasn't working for her. She said that she knew she had picked her because on paper she looked better. She had the infant experience she was looking for.

And then she said the one thing that made my heart melt.

"As cheesy as it sounds I just kept thinking to myself, she's not Kerin"

It brought tears to my eyes.

This doesn't happen, like ever. ESPECIALLY to someone like me.

She was the first person to actually give me a chance, and even though it was just temporarily until the nanny she had chosen over me could start, it was still enough to prove myself. I never received that chance with anyone else.

For her to admit she was wrong in her decision and decide she was happier with me? How is that real?!

It is TWICE (no really, twice) the money I would be making at an early learning center, and I have 1 baby instead of 20 4 year olds.

And it's the most money I'll have made at ANY job.

AND because of all this money coming in, boyfriend, Bug, and I will FINALLLLLLLLYYYY be able to move out, comfortably.

This is a turning point in my life and I couldn't be happier.

My dream job and now boyfriend and I will finally be able to move on with our lives and have our little family together in our own little place.

Now if only we can find a place that accepts lazy golden retrievers. The hunt is on!