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The Smartest Baby

06 November 2013

So you know how every one in the world thinks they have the smartest baby?

That's me right now.

But I DO have the smartest baby.

And what I've come to realize is two of the major attributes to a smart individual are curiosity and drive.

And Bug is both of those, even at 8 months.

Yep...did I mention she's 8 months now?

Yea I know.

I digress...But I mean think about it, scientists who discover cures, and travelers who discover new worlds, they do those things because they're curious and they're driven.

Bug is extremely curious and extremely driven.

She wants to know what everything does and go the places she hasn't seen or touched.

This alone is why I believe this little peanut is so advanced.

I would be GENUINELY surprised if she hasn't taken her first steps before 10 months.

She is SO driven and adventurous.

She has pushed herself to learn to crawl and stand up assisted so that she could see things better and get to things she wanted. You can see how badly she wants it.

Today we have one of those push walker things coming for her. I'm so excited for it, to see how she is with it. We got this one:

I MAY be more excited than she is.