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The Wedding

25 July 2014

Wondering where I've been? too. It has been a friggin NUTHOUSE up in herrrr.

Between the Bug....and a new(BETTER..super-duper-awesome-can't-believe-im-so-lucky BETTER)job (YEP) and planning a wedding we have had like zero free time.

Yep...we are planning the WEDDING.

Please excuse me while I vomit.

We have our venue.

The building

The Ceremony Spot

The Reception Area

And we have our date.

September 20, 2015.

Holy Crap.

My Colors are Purple, White, and Grey and will be incorporated into just about everything.

These our colors and roughly the look of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We're going for the long deep purple chiffon look for the bridesmaids. And the grey just-the-vest and purple tie look for fiancé and the groomsmen (which he is TOTALLY in love with)

Our wedding "theme" or "feel"...if you romantic or classic or something along those lines.

I want TONS of candlelight and lanterns will be our centerpieces.

My flowers will be white hydrangeas and peonies

And for the fun little touches I'll have a candy buffet/bar as a favor (which I am OBSESSED with)

And chalkboard signage/details throughout

So clearly I know the look I'm going for. And while this planning process may kill me...I'm SO excited to begin planning.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated as we go!

Maternity Shoot with Brittany and Bailey

28 June 2014

Some shots from my most recent maternity shoot that I am absolutely OBSESSED with.

Raeanne & Colin Save the Dates

07 May 2014

Here's a sneak peek of my shoot from last night with my favorite couple. Oh, and did I mention their ADORABLE new puppy. Meet, Mater :)

This shoot was so important to me on so many different levels. Not only are Raeanne and Colin returning clients (check out our previous shoot here) but since then Rae has asked me to do her wedding. Yep. My first wedding. I was in absolute hysterics when she asked. It's so awesome to have so many amazing people support me and help me as I grow my photography business. And speaking of growing, this is the other reason this shoot was so important to me was it was the first shoot I shot entirely in manual mode.

This is HUGE for me.

I finally pushed myself out of my comfort zone and ventured into the manual mode wilderness.

This was the first big step in my photography career.

Teaching myself how to use my camera and most importantly understand it was vital to me and to my future in photography.

I still have a long way to go, the end product is still not close to where I'd like to see it, but it's getting there.

I have a lot of learning, experience, and classes I'm sure before I see a light at the end of the tunnel but for now, this is a HUGE accomplishment and I can't wait to see where it goes from here :)

Pre-Photo-shoot Photo-shoot

02 May 2014

My little fam bam went to the park right next to our house last night before a shoot I had (thanks to daddy, who loves to sing my praises). And while we waited I snapped these. Allllll these beautiful trees are blooming, thank god spring finally decided it wanted to join us. Mama needs some Vitamin D...and a tan. Pasty is just NOT my color.

Cannot wait for all the spring and summer shoots to come!

The Easter Buggy

25 April 2014

You're Welcome.

Le Bug

11 April 2014

No Pants Dance

The Bug Update

31 March 2014

I've been terrible at keeping this damn thing updated but now I'll have a bit more time on my hands (hopefully not for long..Ill explain soon)

But let me update you now that bug is 13 months!!!


Good Girl
Thank You
What is That? (which is beyond adorable but she asks it about E V E R Y T H I N G)

She knows that a dog says woof and an owl hoots.

And tries her darndest to make said noises.

Its absolute adorable to watch her chase after Sadee barking at her.


She is ridiculously smart.

I can't handle how smart she is sometimes, I really can't.

She hasn't been eating as well, not because she doesn't like the things we feed her but she is far too busy to waste time eating lol.

It is a nightmare trying to get her to sit still.

She loves the shakes I make her in the morning (which I'll have recipes on coming up soon)

She loves ANYTHING cheese...anything.

Cheese, pasta, bananas, peanut butter, and yogurt are probably her favorites.


It is awesome and terrifying.

I can't wait until the weather warms up to take her to the park and playground to just let her run free.

She can blow kisses, wave hello and goodbye, hug and kiss.

Her hair is growing soooo fast.

She has 7 teeth and is working on an 8th.

And I swear she gets cuter every single day.

I cannot WAIT for what's to come.


29 March 2014

I had to....

but no for real.

I have been on a serioussss reading kick lately.

Soooo so far in 2014 I've read the Divergent trilogy.

Spoiler Alert: Last Book= Dumb my opinion...


I've also read The Fault in Our Stars.


And now I'm currently on the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series, which is turning out to be a surprisingly awesome series.

It is totally not something I would go for.

I was really really drawn to the cover (which unlike popular belief I DO literally judge a book by its cover), but every time I read the back I was like..."meh not for me"

Over and over and over.

But this book kept coming up on my good reads list (If you're a reader and you don't have a good reads account...shame on you) of recommended titles...and it's basically the only series in the YA section at Target that I haven't read.

So I said fuck it, I'll try it...and I am SO glad I did.

I'm currently reading the third book Cress which so far is great.

It's very much not like any other series I've read.

Often times I've found (much like movies) the 1st is far superior to any sequel.

And there are so many times I feel authors draw out a series if they have a large fan base.

Which, ya ok...that's great and all but after the 5th book in a series usually I'm pretty much like "okkkkkk...I'm ready for an ending now".

Obviously, there are clear exceptions to the rule (Harry Potter...duh)...but it becomes clear when an author is no longer writing for the love of writing or to truly make sure their series has come full circle and they're writing to put out more books.

This is NOT one of those series AT ALL. And I enjoyed the 2nd book as much as the first. In fact, on good reads as the series progresses each book gets a higher rating than the last.

I'm kinda trying to take my time with this book simply because the last book isn't due out until sometime in 2015...womp womp.

But anyway, just thought I'd share my obsessive love of reading with you :)

Now tell me, do I have any fellow bibliophiles out there?!

Share with me what you're reading!!

30 Before 30

27 March 2014

Alright, here it is. After mulling over this bad boy for months here is the final product.

1. Learn to Surf

2. Go BACK to Aruba

3. Hit my goal weight

4. Get Engaged

5. Get Married

6. Start a Family

7. See Rascal Flats in concert (there's a long story behind this one.)

8. See Blue Man Group

9. Learn to Ski/ Go skiing and not die

10. Buy a house

11. Visit my best friends in California.

12. Take my Family to Disney World.

13. Feed a Giraffe

14. Go Ziplining

15. Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.

16. Road Trip

17. Go Scuba-Diving

18. Make a name for myself in Photography (and be truly pleased and in love with my work)

19. Go to a Karaoke Bar (and actually sing)

20. Have a Surprise Party Thrown for Me and Be Genuinely Surprised

21. Finish Writing my Book

22. Go to Times Square for New Years

23. Swim with Dolphins

24. Rekindle a Friendship

25. Get a New Tattoo

26. Go to the Spa and get a Massage

27. Ride on a Motorcycle

28. Go on a Girls Only Trip

29. Find a cause I love and donate as much and as often as I can

30. Buy a Boat

I'll be 25 in July so I better get my ass in gear huh...

I Have Lots of Updating to Do

12 March 2014

BUG IS ONE!!! (I'll make sure to dedicate some time to making that post soon!)
But here's a teaser!

And I've had THREE more shoots (which is why I've been so damn busy in the first place)

One family shoot:

One Engagement Shoot:

And One Valentine's Day Shoot:

I've been having so much fun doing all the shoots and the more I spend time doing it the more I sincerely love it.

I have more updates to come but for now this is all I can share!

Rubber Ducky You're the One

26 February 2014

I can't handle all the cute. And that BUM.

Be still my heart!