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30 Before 30

27 March 2014

Alright, here it is. After mulling over this bad boy for months here is the final product.

1. Learn to Surf

2. Go BACK to Aruba

3. Hit my goal weight

4. Get Engaged

5. Get Married

6. Start a Family

7. See Rascal Flats in concert (there's a long story behind this one.)

8. See Blue Man Group

9. Learn to Ski/ Go skiing and not die

10. Buy a house

11. Visit my best friends in California.

12. Take my Family to Disney World.

13. Feed a Giraffe

14. Go Ziplining

15. Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.

16. Road Trip

17. Go Scuba-Diving

18. Make a name for myself in Photography (and be truly pleased and in love with my work)

19. Go to a Karaoke Bar (and actually sing)

20. Have a Surprise Party Thrown for Me and Be Genuinely Surprised

21. Finish Writing my Book

22. Go to Times Square for New Years

23. Swim with Dolphins

24. Rekindle a Friendship

25. Get a New Tattoo

26. Go to the Spa and get a Massage

27. Ride on a Motorcycle

28. Go on a Girls Only Trip

29. Find a cause I love and donate as much and as often as I can

30. Buy a Boat

I'll be 25 in July so I better get my ass in gear huh...