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Pre-Photo-shoot Photo-shoot

02 May 2014

My little fam bam went to the park right next to our house last night before a shoot I had (thanks to daddy, who loves to sing my praises). And while we waited I snapped these. Allllll these beautiful trees are blooming, thank god spring finally decided it wanted to join us. Mama needs some Vitamin D...and a tan. Pasty is just NOT my color.

Cannot wait for all the spring and summer shoots to come!

The Easter Buggy

25 April 2014

You're Welcome.

Le Bug

11 April 2014

No Pants Dance

Hunter James

09 December 2013

A sneak peek of my most recent shoot with this handsome little face!

I couldn't have asked for a more timely snooze. He is SO freakin cute! Ugh.

A Thanksgiving Preview

29 November 2013

The middle one is her reaction to Cranberry Sauce...classic.

What a Ham

09 September 2013

This baby KNOWS when I have my camera, she straight up smiles and poses.

I've created a monster.

Wide Awake

23 August 2013

So I tried to sneak in bug's nursery all ninja status and take some pictures of her taking a nap.

I was light as an effing feather on my feet...

*snap* one picture *snap* two pictures... WIDE AWAKE.


She's a light sleeper...just like her mama.

Oh least I got a few good ones :)

It's a damn good thing she's cute.

Bug's Babblefest

16 August 2013

Bug just started her talking and blathering incoherently phase as I've mentioned previously.

I don't know if it's just cause I'm a mommy but it is so flippin cute.

No matter what I'm doing or how important it is, the second she starts her babblefest I instantly tune in.

So obviously I've been coaching her like no tomorrow.

I'm like "Maaaaa...Maaaaa"

And she's all like "RAAAAA RAAAAAA"


"MA...." *Pause*




She loves to "rarara" all day like the world's greatest cheerleader.

This is our typical morning...

*sigh* So in love.

Talk, Talk, Talk

13 August 2013

So bug has started talking...well in a manner of speaking.

She just non stop babbles & coos. She loves to hear her own voice.

I've been told that means she's going to be a singer...HAA! Not if she's related to me.

But regardless it's insanely adorable.

I'm beginning to think she's part parrot. Anytime she hears a noise or sound she latches on to it like her life depends on it and repeats and repeats and repeats it.

This past week she's been imitating a dinosaur "Ra...Raaaa...RAAAAA" 24/7...Don't believe me?

I managed to catch some of it on Video while mommy and daddy were out shopping.

Sometimes I just want to squeeze her she's so flippin cute. But then I remind myself that a year from now I'll be missing the silent voiceless baby.

I suppose that's what to be expected when you have a girl.

And considering I never shut the eff up I suppose I'm even more screwed.

But for now, I will be enjoying these adorable little ramblings.


01 August 2013

What a terrible horrible awful day.

Oh my lanta.

I suppose a few pictures from this weekend might help