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Talkative Thursday

05 September 2013

I know I never post this often but I saw this today on my Facebook feed...and I was off my rocker obsessed.

So the new fad in weddings recently has been photo booths which I think is a super adorable idea (especially once everyone has had a few drinks ifyaknowwhatimean)

But could slow motion booths be the new fad?

Check this out:

Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.

If you don't watch this you will be sincerely sad. It is hilarious and looks like so much fun.

Like, I don't even know these people and I just wanna be there with them having all this fun too.

This was done by Super Frog Saves Tokyo and I am just OBSESSED.

So tell me, whaddya think?

Bug's Babblefest

16 August 2013

Bug just started her talking and blathering incoherently phase as I've mentioned previously.

I don't know if it's just cause I'm a mommy but it is so flippin cute.

No matter what I'm doing or how important it is, the second she starts her babblefest I instantly tune in.

So obviously I've been coaching her like no tomorrow.

I'm like "Maaaaa...Maaaaa"

And she's all like "RAAAAA RAAAAAA"


"MA...." *Pause*




She loves to "rarara" all day like the world's greatest cheerleader.

This is our typical morning...

*sigh* So in love.

Talk, Talk, Talk

13 August 2013

So bug has started talking...well in a manner of speaking.

She just non stop babbles & coos. She loves to hear her own voice.

I've been told that means she's going to be a singer...HAA! Not if she's related to me.

But regardless it's insanely adorable.

I'm beginning to think she's part parrot. Anytime she hears a noise or sound she latches on to it like her life depends on it and repeats and repeats and repeats it.

This past week she's been imitating a dinosaur "Ra...Raaaa...RAAAAA" 24/7...Don't believe me?

I managed to catch some of it on Video while mommy and daddy were out shopping.

Sometimes I just want to squeeze her she's so flippin cute. But then I remind myself that a year from now I'll be missing the silent voiceless baby.

I suppose that's what to be expected when you have a girl.

And considering I never shut the eff up I suppose I'm even more screwed.

But for now, I will be enjoying these adorable little ramblings.

Baby Code

31 March 2013

My soon to be sister in law shared a video with me yesterday that was absolutely mind blowing, so I figured since it applies so well to my life now and is just all kinds of ridiculous I figured I'd share it with you. I'll put the link to the video at the bottom of this post but for those of you who can't watch or are simply too lazy, here is the gist:

We've all heard of a photogenic memory, people who have the ability to see something and instantaneously remember it (what we all wished we had while in school). Read a book once and remember it forever? Yes please. Well apparently there are other super powers that people can possess and one of them is called a phonogenic memory. Same concept as photogenic but instead of SEEING something and remembering it they are able to HEAR it and remember. Un-freaking-believable if you ask me. So a woman on Oprah, Priscilla Dunstan, discovered she had a phonogenic memory very early on in life. At around four years old she was able to listen to her mother play a song on the piano and be able to play it back immediately note for note. When she was a little older she discovered she would never need to take notes in school, anything the teacher had said she would be able to remember. Well now this is the part in the video where I'm sitting there saying fuck my life. The girl's a freakin prodigy and somehow won the genetics lottery. As I'm about to stop the video simply due to sheer jealousy, the woman explains she had discovered how to put this talent to good use. Intrigued, I listened on. Later in life the woman had a son and figured out he had 5 different pre-cries, the cries JUST before a cry becomes hysterical, and each of these cries signified a different desire. She discovered distinct "I'm hungry","I'm sleepy", "I'm uncomfortable", "I need to burp", and "I have gas" cries.

Ok, lady, good for you. Congratulations on being awesome. But wait. She soon discovers that these 5 cries aren't just her son's method of explaining what he needs but that, in fact, it is a universal baby language. Yes, you heard correctly. She cracks the "baby language", as she refers to it, code. Shut the front door. Seriously? Sign my ass up. So she goes through each of the cries, how they sound and how to distinguish between and them. She had tried them with hundreds and hundreds of different babies of different races and cultures and it works EVERY TIME.

So now I'm sitting here dumbfounded and decide to put them to the test. The first cry my daughter did sounded like the "I have gas" cry...I shit you not (pun DEFINITELY intended) she rips serious ass no more than 2 minutes later (and yes, I will have a post all about this coming soon, no but seriously). Maybe an hour or so later she did the "I need to burp" cry, so like a good little student I did and I was told and sure enough, she burps. I swear I was almost shedding tears of joy. If you have the time, DEFINITELY watch this video, it's a bit long (17 mins if I remember correctly) but totally worth it. And for all you moms out there, Yeah, you're welcome. Don't forget to comment and subscribe!