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I'm A Hazard...

08 May 2013

Seriously... I need to wear like a sign or something. I can't do anything without spilling something or hurting myself or hurting someone else.

It's a problem.

So I'm in the breakroom enjoying my apple when I see this:

I don't know how easily you can distinguish what is going on in this picture but that red business in the middle of my apple is blood.

No seriously.

Because only I would be capable of eating an apple and bleeding. How does that even happen you ask?

Little factoid: pregnancy makes your gums SUPER DUPER RIDICULOUSLY sensitive and you are very susceptible to gingivitis while pregnant.

Well that shit has yet to go away.

SOMEHOW I managed to rip my gums open eating an apple and now my fruit is a tainted and gross.

I'm a hazard.

Story of my life.