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First Photo Shoot

14 September 2013

So tonight is the night of my first official photo shoot and I am a cornucopia of mixed emotions. I am nervous, I'm excited, but I'm soo ready to see what I'm capable of.

It is for an adorable couple, Meagan and her fiancé Danny.

I'm doing it pro bono (I'd say free but I just love the way pro bono sounds hahah) because it is my first actual shoot with non friends/family and mama need some experience.

I've been talking with Meagan off and on and she's excited and nervous too, but I'm confident I can get her some really great pictures. And for free? Who can beat that!

What's funny is I've read a lot of different blogs and posts that tell you basically that it's sacrilege to do a free photo shoot, that regardless of experience you should be paid for your time. And for me that really just doesn't make sense.

It'd be different as a second or third shoot maybe but as a first? I just can't justify making someone pay for something in an area I have no experience. Their shoot IS my experience.

Children...babies? Sure.

Couples? Nope.

So we're going to a farm I used to take Bumpy to for walks in the summer.

It. Is. Beautiful.

There are fields and gorgeous trees, a pond, winding paths...we should have PLENTY to work with and it'll be great being familiar with the area.

It's funny being as nervous/excited as I am I don't understand how photographers do weddings. And as much as I would love to do weddings in the future once I'm far more experienced, I just don't know if I could. It's no wonder wedding photographers make the money they do... and here my friends, is why. I never truly realized it until I started doing my own photography.

First of all it's an all day affair so not only are you paying them to be there ALL day to take hundreds upon hundreds of pictures, but from there they need to go through each individual pictures to find the perfect shots and THEN edit.

But that is all obvious to me, I mean clearly you pay the photographer for their time and the product. But to ME this is why they are worth the money:

You do an engagement shoot, the pictures aren't what the client expects, you can do another shoot if you need to.

You do a newborn or family shoot and the pictures don't come out right, you do another shoot.

You do a senior portrait and your camera breaks, you do another shoot.

And while doing another shoot and/or not being prepared is not professional at least you HAVE that option.

A wedding is ONE day, ONE time only. You have one shot to get it right. There is no option for another shoot. And these people are expecting you to take the best possible pictures right then and there.

So oftentimes I've been seeing photographers have a second shooter.

And all professional photographers at the very least usually have backup cameras and lenses.

HA like I could afford that shit...maybe one day.

But for now, here is where I start. THIS is the day it all begins.

My FIRST engagement shoot.

Make sure you keep looking back to see how it all turns out!