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Honesty Moment #1

28 August 2013

So I just read something really disgusting a few minutes ago.

Not disgusting in like a Miley Cyrus' VMA performance way...disgusting in a sick/twisted/what-kind-of-effed-up-world-do-we-live-in way.

I don't know if I've mentioned it previously but I've struggled with my weight for a VERY VERY long time. And I feel as though I have done everything shy of surgery to lose the damn weight.

Well, if it didn't make it bad enough that I struggle day in and day out in an attempt to be a less self conscious, more healthy person for myself and now for my daughter by losing weight...I then read this article.

If you don't have the time to read it, no worries...I'll paraphrase for you.

Basically it states that a gentleman who was used as a "before and after" success story for a diet pill company was paid to GAIN WEIGHT and stop working out in order to get a believable BEFORE picture for the company to use for its advertisements.

Oh but here's the kicker... this guy is a professional bodybuilder.

So they had him stuff his face, stop working out, to take their coveted "before" picture, then use his bodybuilding training, techniques, and dieting to lose the weight for the "after" photo.

Now I know media and advertising and all their dirty tricks but to me this is just so so sad. People like me who struggle with being overweight everyday.

Of course we look for the easy way out with diet pills, OF COURSE. Do you want to know why? Cause we've tried fucking everything else! It's not always an easy way out.... for some it's a last resort.

And you know what...even if it IS an easy way out...SO WHAT! There are so many people who I can only imagine look at people like me and say something along the lines of "how hard is it to eat a salad instead of a burger?"

Well, then I ask you the same thing. Some people don't understand because they don't have to, because their bodies aren't affected by food the way ours are.

I swear I even look at a cookie the wrong way and I can gain weight.

My body just reacts to food in a very negative manner. And some people will never understand that. Some people (many...MANY of my friends) can eat whatever they please without so much as a second thought. They have the metabolisms that people like me dream about. I could never in a million years fathom the day where I didn't second guess a single thing that I put into my body due to lack of consequence. To me that's the equivalence to winning the genetics lottery.

And yes, there are those who look the way they do because they work hard and they work for it every day, but there are also those who haven't stepped foot inside a gym and eat nothing but taco bell and have the figure of a Victoria Secret model.

Knowing how many people are overweight and are looking for help, looking for an answer, looking for a way out...this just makes me sad.

I know there's no miracle diet pill, and I have never used hydroxycut before and now I never plan to, but to give someone looking for help, who may be struggling just like me, someone who wants a little extra assurance in their diet and workout routine a false sense of hope...well THAT is just down right disgusting.

End Rant.