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The Photoshop Difference

12 August 2013

Alright. We need to have an honesty moment please.

The last 36 hours I have been TIRELESSLY searching the internet for tutorials and anything I could get my hands on in regard to how to understand Elements.

Because to me right now, it's the equivalent of reading chinese.


SO. This smart mama came across the most wonderful website on the face of this earth. The CoffeeShop Blog is run by Rita, my savior.

She so easily explained how to set up actions (for the photoshop learning impaired and NON impaired), to my make life a hell of a lot easier. Her actions and presets are FREE and STUNNING.

So I did a bit of a test with a few old pictures and and a new one tell me if you like the photoshop difference.

This is the first original picture of Bug, pre edited (and a sneak peek of a bit more of the crochet giveaway I have coming up) :

This is edited with the program I was using:

Now WITH Photoshop:

There are things like definitely like about each picture but the depth of the picture from photoshop is what really draws me.

Now for an oldie.


My Old Editing Program:

Now Photoshop:

And in Black and White:

I LOVE using actions, they're so easy to use!

Does anyone have any favorite free actions websites or actions in general they love?!

Share away!