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Letters To My Bug

24 August 2013

Littlest Bug,

Six Months. SIX. I just can't believe you are already half a year old. It's funny how everyone says how quickly time flies, because it does. And every second of that time I want to cherish. I just want to keep you this little beautiful baby for as long as I can.

You amaze me every single day at how smart and loving you are, even for such a tiny person. You have had super strength since the day you were born, and have never ceased to astonish everyone around you.

Your laugh is infectious and your smile lights up an entire room. People are happier when they are around you. Not just mommy and daddy. EVERYONE.

I love how you love and show love. I love when you want to be kissed and cuddled you grab at a person's face with both hands and pull them into you.

You are a parrot, anything you hear you want to imitate. Even if it's yourself. You love to fake cough and as weird as that is, I can't get enough of it. You love to talk and ramble and hear your voice.

You love it when daddy makes you dance and you love to shake that cute little booty.

I can already tell you're going to be a stubborn one, just like mommy and daddy, but I can also tell you're going to be brave, courageous, thoughtful, and independent. You'll probably also have mommy's attitude.

I hope that you are curious, and kind, driven and ambitious. I hope that you are adventurous, benevolent, and compassionate.

I hope you have your Daddy's positivity and selflessness, his endurance and generosity. And if you ever lose your way and you feel as though you are drifting out to sea, I know that Daddy will be your anchor, as he always has been for me.

Most importantly, I hope you will learn to have as much faith and love in yourself as I do and always will in you.

I cannot wait to see what these next six months bring.

Love you always,