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Fourth of July Shenanigans

06 July 2013

The Fourth was such a surreal day because the Fourth of July has more than one connotation for me. A year from that day was the the day I discovered I was having a baby.

I was terrified... I was nervous... I was completely overwhelmed.

I thought I was going puke. It was only because of the support of boyfriend and his sisters that I even managed to not lose my sanity completely. I remember saying over and over to myself "holy shit, this time next year I'll have a baby in my arms."

And now here I am a year later even more in love with my best friend and feeling so lucky that we have the most wonderful and beautiful baby girl.... And I wouldn't change a thing.

It was wonderful this Fourth of July with my little family and of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't have 3 billion pictures to document the day but here are a select few :)

Photobomb Part One

24 June 2013

The first of many mini photo bombs.

This Weekend's Festivities

10 June 2013

Boyfriend bug and I went to our friend's graduation party. We were so proud of her and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Especially since we love her and her family so much.

So of course we go and bug is passed around like a little hot potato. EVERYONE loves this little peanut. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Still working on my DIY project cause lezbehonest...I'm slooooow....but it's a work in progress.

Here's to You, Nikon

31 May 2013

Today I've decided I'm going to spend some quality time with my camera.

I only have 3 days left before my new job starts and I really want to enjoy it as much as possible.

I have a new case/carrier for it coming in today. I had yet to buy one for it and one of the few annoyances of a dslr is it's clunky-ness. Thanking the ebay gods for the sweet ass deal I got on it too. I'll be sure to post a picture as soon as that bad larry gets delivered. On a 1-10 level of excitement scale, 1 being a Nova documentary and 10 being Disney World, I'm at like a Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah's-Couch excited.

I'll be posting more pictures and updates today for sure but I'll leave you with these in the meantime. I know, you're welcome.

Jeepers Creepers

20 May 2013

Jeepers creepers where'd ya get those peepers, bug?

Well, it certainly wasn't from mommy, because I have green eyes...and daddy has brown.

Those beautiful baby blues are gorgeous and I'm curious to see whether or not they're going to stay blue or change color. I had BRIGHT blue eyes until around 15 months sooo now we wait...

But in the meantime...I will admire them :)

And the puppy enjoying the weather...because SURPRISE SURPRISE...the forecast was wrong and it is BEAUTIFUL.

Sunday Funday in Pictures.

22 April 2013

Bug in a bear suit

Sleepy Bug

Sad Bug

The puppy having an emo moment

The letters I painted for Bug's nursery

Frozen Fruit in Sangria is not only genius but DELICIOUS.

Baby Ballerina

20 April 2013

I just wish now that I had some seriously good editing software instead of the piece-o-crap I've been using. Maybe one day...