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Photobomb Part Dos

25 June 2013

Photobomb Part One

24 June 2013

The first of many mini photo bombs.

Hump Day

19 June 2013

It's Hump Day, Baby!!!

It's been a loooooong two days let me tell you.

I have like zero time to myself.

And JUST enough time with bug and boyfriend, and girls wine night (the only two things I will MAKE time for)

But this week is turning out to be an extremely eventful one.

Boyfriend and I are looking at a house tonight! Yep that's right, you heard correctly. And I am OUT OF MY MIND excited. Like absolutely losing my shit excited because this momma needs to MOVE OUT. I'm just hoping it's the one (we will see, updates to come)

So we have the house viewing tonight, and I'm FINALLY almost done my DIY project (since it turned from easy DIY project to a please-dont-do-this-it's-far-too-time-consuming project).

I also have a purchase I'll be making tonight that I CANNOT wait to share with you, and I'm stoked out of my mind.

My New Blog should be ready any time now and I'm one step shy of peeing in anticipation.

And to top all this awesome-ness off, Bug, boyfriend, and I are spending the weekend in the Cape with my two best friends and their boyfriends. YEA BABY!!!

I'm all smiles. Photography opportunities out the wahoo. Family time, friends time, wine time, sunshine. Yep.

Right now... I am one happy mama.