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The Hunt

18 July 2013

So the house hunt has started.

Boyfriend and I have been waiting for this moment for a verrrrry long time now.

But there is an issue...of course...because if you've been reading my blog for even a little while you'll know NOTHING is ever easy for me.

The biggest issue has been deciding whether to rent or buy.

Shouldn't be that difficult of an issue right? so wrong.

So allow me to explain what the hell is going on and to anyone who can give me any semblance of advice I will love you forever.

The problem with renting? Well it's just's renting. It's expensive, it will be difficult to save for a house while paying rent, it's smaller than a house (obviously) but the biggest part about it, is it's going to be practically impossible to find a place that will accept a dog AND a baby.

The second you mention you have a dog (nevermind a BIGGISH dog) you may as well have told them you're an effing serial murderer.

First of all, not only is my bumpy EXTREMELY well behaved, she's middle aged, and a golden of the most mellow, friendly, loving breeds of dog on earth. Well, apparently my adorable, sleeps-20-hours-a-day fluffball is not rental friendly. And well lezbehonest, I'd rather live on the street then give up my girl so that is just not an option. No way, no how.

And then there's bug. Which means the place would also need to be "lead free", which seriously limits the little to no options even further.

But generally speaking I feel as though renting is always the smarter way to go before purchasing because buying a house is kiiiiinda a big deal.

Well now in regards to purchasing a home... it's a much more permanent option, which given it was in the right location, that definitely would be a non-issue, however it is certainly something to consider. We would need to get qualified and deal with getting approved for a loan, and then on top of that finding a house that is in our price range that isn't in complete and utter disrepair.

And to top it off all four of the houses that I found online and asked the realtor to view were ALL under contract, even though two of them were listed as "newly listed". The websites can't take the time to just put that the sale is pending on the house? For that to happen to me 4 different the only 4 houses I've asked about? Like...what the actual fuck.

So please excuse me whilst I bang my head against the wall and try to sort this crazy out.

I've about lost it (more so than normal).... And could really really use some advice.

If anybody has any advice or expertise it would be very much appreciated.. and in the meantime...i'll be here...just ya know...bangin my head against the wall.