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Oh Happy Day!

07 July 2013

Notice anything different around here?

Yep. That's right mama's blog got a makeover.


First and foremost my sincerest thanks go out to Laura, the designer of this new look, who took the time to listen to everything I had to say.

This design is personalized to me and she did a beyond fantastic job interpreting my wishes and making them a reality.

First of all this blog design cost me LESS than other shops offering pre-made designs. Yes..I did have to wait of course because of the custom aspect (and of course I was impatient...per my excitement of course) but tell me it wasn't worth it? Seriously?

Laura tailored this blog to be 100% Kerin and thats exactly how it feels.

To all my mommy bloggers looking for a change of pace CONTACT LAURA.

Here is her Etsy Shop and for the record she did NOT ask me to write anything on my blog on her behalf...I am doing so simply for how utterly impressed and happy I am with the outcome. Take a look ladies and gents I promise you won't regret it :)

Happy Mama Today.