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Calorie Switching and Saving

06 June 2013

Let me tell you, as I fell off the wagon the last few weeks with dieting I'm back on and stronger than ever.

Let me tell you a little something about calorie SWITCHING and SAVING while calorie counting.

Now I think for me the best part about calorie counting is the fact that I get to have pretty much anything I want...including carbs...yep.

Super awesome fantastic.

Calorie Switching:

Anytime you can switch for a better option, and that option doesn't suck, DO IT.

For example, with a bread you can get a more whole grain or higher fiber bread. But I have this little secret for white bread. Ok you aren't a wheat fan, I like wheat but I know boyfriend doesn't.

Well the NORMAL white bread we buy has 100 calories per slice...BUT you know those obscenely large loafs of bread where the bread slices are kinda small and there's like 3692 in a bag? It's the one that's usually store brand. Well, that bread is 120 calories....for TWO slices. So assuming you're having a sandwich you're saving 80 calories right there. That's an OBSCENE amount of calories. And you're still eating bread, having carbs, and being conscious of your calories.

Calorie Saving:

While we're on the subject of sandwiches let me give you another example. My standard sandwich is a *AHEM* Turkey, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo. DELICIOUS and fairly nutritious.

Well this sandwich isn't so bad for you but there is a way to save calories without losing everything. Now with my sandwich the two worst (for you) ingredients are the mayo and the cheese. So in order to save a few calories I will get rid of one of them.

For me, as much as I'm obsessed with cheese, for a sandwich mayo is far more important, it adds a little moisture and acts as a mortar. Sweet. No brainer. And just by 86-ing the cheese I save about 100 calories.

And as a side note if I use the mayo made with olive oil I would save 40 calories per serving. Huh? Huh? Can I get some love?!

So let me show you my breakfast this morning and how I used these methods to save a shit ton of calories:

This was my breakfast this morning, my friends. Let me break it down for you.

My english muffin is a LIGHT english muffin. And normal english muffin is 130 calories, these are 90. Calories saved: 40

I topped it with cream cheese, totally weird I know but I had read before that it is an excellent switch to butter and oh my lanta were they right. It is around 70 calories for 2 tablespoons while butter or margarine is about 100 calories for 1 tablespoon. Crazy right? And let me tell you, at least for me, it doesn't taste weird at actually makes it taste like a bagel...and ain't nothin wrong with bagels. And the calories saved for 2 tablespoons, my friends: a whopping 130 calories.

I also had a light and fit greek yogurt. My normal chobani yogurt is 140 calories...this one on the other hand is 80. Woop Woop! And if you're doing the math, I'll save you some time...calories saved: 60.

That's just in the food I'm consuming people....not the switches I made in my coffee. Add that up, I saved myself 230 calories by switching to other alternatives. That also makes my meal only 240 calories. Hot damn. I saved almost as many calories as I consumed! Does mama know what she's doing...or does mama know what she's doing? Want more ideas? This website has some great ideas for some swaps.

I know I've been an awful blogger lately but this new job has been taking up allllllll my free time, and then what little free time we have I now make sure is spend with bug and boyfriend. I'm now blogging with the only time I have left, my mornings. I'll definitely be trying to figure out how to make this work. But for now this is it. Let me know of any swaps you make that have made a difference! Comment and subscribe!

Countin' Calories.

07 May 2013

So I will be starting my post baby diet this week. I'm very familiar with dieting unfortunately ... And the one thing that has always worked for me is calorie counting. The looks I used to get when people asked me how I was losing so much weight were downright hilarious it was like I was telling them I ate a strict diet of vodka and pancakes.

But really if you truly think about it... It's THE BEST diet to be on. All calorie counting really is is portion control. You want that giant piece of cake?... Well by all means but now you only have 100 calories left for your whole day so good luck with that one. I've done A LOT of research into it and for my height it's suggested I should be allotting myself 1200 calories for the day while on a diet... Or 400 calories a meal. I DO NOT count fruit or vegetables EVER. It's just my philosophy, and regardless the diet still works.

I'll give you 12 reasons why this diet is better than all the others:

1. You can eat anything you want within moderation. EVEN CARBS.
2. The better you eat...the MORE you can eat.
3. It's SO easy.
4. Even restaurants are beginning to put calories on their menus.
5. Some restaurants even offer reduced calorie menu options.
6. When coupled with exercise you can lose some serious weight...FAST.
7. It makes it super easy to learn how to maintain your weight. You don't have to "introduce" foods back into your diet and pray for the best... you just increase your calorie intake.
8. You CAN have desserts.
9. You start to get creative with cooking trying to find lower calorie recipes for your favorite foods.
10. The possibilities of food choices are ENDLESS.
11. There is no service you have to pay for.
12. No stupid meetings.

Doing this diet I had lost almost 50 lbs in 3 months... and YES I was exercising. And there is NO WAY I would have been able to lose that amount of weight in that time frame without. I was going to the gym around 4-6 times a week. But I was not one of those gym rats by any means. I did a little cardio, some weights, and was there somewhere between an hour and 2 hours every time. And just to give you an idea, this is what you can expect for calorie burning activities:

Are you reading what I'm reading? That shit says SITTING burns calories...ask me how excited I am about that.

I know they recommend 1-2 pounds a week but lets be real...that sucks. Sure, it's still weight...but we're people...we want to see RESULTS...Instant gratification. I was by no means starving myself, I ate often and A LOT...and I was busting ass a few times a week in the gym and for the first month I was losing 5-7lbs a week. Yep. Insane, I know. And then after the first month it turned into about 2-5 lbs a week. THOSE, my friends, are results.

So back to the gym my ass goes...lets see how it goes this time around...anddd of course I will be updating as I go.

Eating for One

24 April 2013

The worst thing you can do while pregnant is give in to the mentality that "I'm pregnant... I'm eating for two" NO YOU'RE NOT EATING FOR TWO. I mean TECHNICALLY yes you're eating for two... But not a normal sized second person... Not two fully sized people. It's you and a person the size of your freakin forearm... And that little person will only require 3 to 500 extra calories per DAY ... Not PER MEAL depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. And what's worse is other people will just keep trying to feed you! "Here, Kerin ..please eat these cookies" or "I bought you 16 bags of candy because I knew you were craving them". Yes I was craving them ... But it was just that.. A craving. It doesn't mean I need it... And that, my friends is EXCTLY how you gain twice the recommended amount of weight during a pregnancy.

So now I'm back to dieting just as I had before bug. I HAD been losing weight up until the pregnancy and now back I go to wonderful world of dieting and excerise. Hooray! I'll be posting recipes I suppose....maybe that will be just the motivation I need to stay on's hoping.