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"You Look Tired"

13 June 2013

This is the comment I got from our waitress at dinner tonight.

How do you even respond to that?

"I know"?
"I get that a lot." ?

It's basically a blatant and outright insult and the nicest way to tell someone they look like shit and get away with it.

It's Thursday, it's rained practically every damn day, so the only thing that's missing from becoming a narcoleptic would be a radio following me around perpetually playing lullabies.

Sleepy is not a good look for me, my eyes get all dark and swollen like I just got a fist to the face, my face gets ghostly pale like I haven't seen the sun in my's just all around bad.

I sleep great and really have no excuse to be tired...and I am lookin like ass and getting these comments.


So needless to say I'm STOKED it's Friday tomorrow.

I can not WAIT to spend the weekend with my loves and my camera and just RELAX. Bring it on, Friday. Bring. It. On.

Flashback Friday

19 April 2013

TGIF baby! Seriously. Ugh what a week! I can't wait for this long ass week to just be OVER. I need me some cuddlin time with my bug, seeing her for only a few hours a night really isn't cutting it. So I figured I'd touch back on my flashback friday topic from last week and sweet baby jesus am I reminiscing.

Inflatable Furniture

Remember this shit?! I had like a whole damn living room set in my room, like a boss...complete with couch, seat, and ottoman. Mine was in purple (obviously)....looking back I totally miss it...but let me tell you, that shit has come a LONG way and's STILL around.

Seriously?!! Where was this when we were kids? This is LEGITIMATE inflatable furniture. Awesome possum.

View Master

Some evil genius somewhere was making bank off of dumbasses willing to pay money to look at like a half dozen pictures through retarded binoculars. And yet regardless, I still loved this little freakin thing to no end.

Lisa Frank

Lisa fucking Frank...that bitch had the best rainbow school shit EVER. I had EVERYTHING Lisa Frank as a kid. Pencils, trapperkeepers (yea remember those bad boys dontcha), notebooks, you name it..I had it. LOVED HER. Nuff said.

Pick up Sticks

Another evil genius of the 90s. This is how that board meeting went "Hey, I have an idea....lets take 30 multicolored shish kabob skewers throw em in a box and market that shit as a game" What was the object of the game? Pick up the most sticks (duh). Ah, how the simplest shit could entertain us for hours on end.

Well today's been fifty shades of nuts so I may or may not be adding to this later on. But make sure you comment and subscribe!