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Flashback Friday

19 April 2013

TGIF baby! Seriously. Ugh what a week! I can't wait for this long ass week to just be OVER. I need me some cuddlin time with my bug, seeing her for only a few hours a night really isn't cutting it. So I figured I'd touch back on my flashback friday topic from last week and sweet baby jesus am I reminiscing.

Inflatable Furniture

Remember this shit?! I had like a whole damn living room set in my room, like a boss...complete with couch, seat, and ottoman. Mine was in purple (obviously)....looking back I totally miss it...but let me tell you, that shit has come a LONG way and's STILL around.

Seriously?!! Where was this when we were kids? This is LEGITIMATE inflatable furniture. Awesome possum.

View Master

Some evil genius somewhere was making bank off of dumbasses willing to pay money to look at like a half dozen pictures through retarded binoculars. And yet regardless, I still loved this little freakin thing to no end.

Lisa Frank

Lisa fucking Frank...that bitch had the best rainbow school shit EVER. I had EVERYTHING Lisa Frank as a kid. Pencils, trapperkeepers (yea remember those bad boys dontcha), notebooks, you name it..I had it. LOVED HER. Nuff said.

Pick up Sticks

Another evil genius of the 90s. This is how that board meeting went "Hey, I have an idea....lets take 30 multicolored shish kabob skewers throw em in a box and market that shit as a game" What was the object of the game? Pick up the most sticks (duh). Ah, how the simplest shit could entertain us for hours on end.

Well today's been fifty shades of nuts so I may or may not be adding to this later on. But make sure you comment and subscribe!

Flashback Friday

12 April 2013

So this morning I found myself in a state of reminiscence. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and it became abundantly clear, after seeing a few commercials, how different/ridiculous toys are today. Do you remember how AWESOME toys were back in the day?

Lets go back shall we?


Collectable cardboard discs with pictures on them. Yep. The guy that created those was an evil genius. But genius nonetheless. The worlds simplest game created using pieces of cardboard. Instantaneous worldwide hit!

Polly Pocket.

Ahhhh Polly Pocket. Polly's still around but that biotch is 10 times her original size. Polly was way more cool when she actually fit in your pocket and wasn't a fucking choking hazard

Easy bake oven.

The miniature oven that cooked tiny baked goods with a lightbulb. That's right, a light bulb...sounds legit. I was never privileged enough to have one of these as a child...not gunna lie, still kind of disappointed about that.


Tiny little virtual pet keychains. God when you say it like that it sounds stupid. And that's probably because it was. BUT as a kid these were the greatest toys of all time, especially if you didn't get caught playing with them in class. Basically you needed to care after this little pet, make sure it was fed, played with, and cleaned up after (yes it shit virtually) etc and if you didn't it died. YAY!

Pretty Pretty Princess.

This game was the shit. I LOVED this game as a kid...except when I wasn't winning. This game not only made you hate your friends for their stupid gloating as they put on that damn tiara but made you feel like a fucking peasant. Oh cool, I have a ring and fake set of tacky pearls? I feel so pretty. Regardless, for some reason I still insisted on playing it anytime a friend had it and still miss it for whatever reason.

The one toy they do bring back? Furby. FURBY. The toy every kid wanted and then completely regretted owning after .2638 seconds because it would not stop bitching about being hungry! @$&@*!(!#

Great. So what do kids play with now you ask? iPads. Lord, grant me strength.

Check back every friday for a flashback until I run out of ideas or get too lazy. Comment and subscribe!