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The Cape

23 June 2013

This weekend was pretty freakin awesome.

I had so much fun shopping and hanging out with bug, boyfriend, and my closest friends.

As I write this bug is fast asleep beside me.... we must have worn her out.

I have so many things coming your way so be prepared. Unfortunately as it is late and I'm off my ass tired I won't be able to post anything until tomorrow.

I have like 29763620836 pictures that need to be posted (which to be honest will probably come in batches).

I FINALLY finished my DIY project and I must say ...I'm sincerely impressed with myself not only in my ability but in my earnest drive to get that fucking thing finished.

I also have an AMAZING beyond amazing recipe that I WISH I could take credit for, it was made by my friend Lindsay who also singlehandedly came up with the recipe on her own. I can't wait to share it with you guys.

And I also got to see the first draft of my new blog and I am SO glad I found and chose this wonderful, wonderful girl.

I won't share who or how I found her until my design is installed and then you can see for yourself what truly amazing work she does.

But for now, bug and I are off to unpack and head to bed for the night.

Tomorrow will begin the start of the picture uploading process, you have been forewarned, prepare accordingly.