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I'mmmm Baaaaaaack

11 January 2014

Oh my goodness there is SO much to update you guys on.

First off lets start as to why I've been MIA.

Three words.

Verizon. Fucking. Sucks.

Yes, pardon my french but they are all stupid, untrained, time-wasting fools.

When I tell you it took us 3 weeks, like 15 agents, and about 8 hours of wasted time, I am NOT exaggerating...not even a little.

So long story short it took us 3 weeks to get TV and internet.

And there was no WAY I was blogging on my piece of shit phone either.

Which means I have MUCH to catch you up on, so to keep you intrigued, I'll do a daily post until we're allllllll caught up.

And there's ALOT.

Pictures of the new place, a DIY project, and some very big and exciting news and events.

So strap on your seat belts people it's time for a wild ride.