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The Kerin Update

26 January 2014

So now it's time to update you on my life.

And we have some BIG updates.

I just added a new lens to my collection.

My Christmas gift to myself and I am obsessed.

This little beauty.

Need proof of it's amazingness?


And this was a quick, non-calculated shot that I was taking while I was hyperventilating over FINALLY getting my lens in.

I can't WAIT to take it out and see what it's really capable of!

It's a 50mm f/1.8 G AF-S Nikkor FX Lens and it will be perfect for my upcoming engagement shoot!


Another shoot, and I have my last bride-to-be to thank. Her new fiancé's brother proposed shortly after our shoot and that amazing girl gave the newly engaged couple MY name.

If you can't hear it by the way I'm typing I'm BEAMING.

I feel as though I'm forever indebted to her for helping me get my name out there.

And not only that, we have another shoot in the making.


The apartment is amazing. It's slowly becoming more and more of a home as we get settled, I'll be sure to post more pictures as soon I get things together.

I'm praying our landlord lets us paint Bug's room since the colors are so off from the theme we had before, it just looks redonkulous.

And I suppose I'll update you on the biggest event of the New Year.

Boyfriend and I ARE ENGAGED!!! fiance...proposed on New Years.

It was adorable, and don't say I said anything, but he got down on one knee in front of all our friends at midnight and was totally shaking like a little leaf.

It was SO CUTE.

It was kinda perfect for us considering our first kiss was 3 years prior on New Years.

I'm so excited to start a new chapter in our life together as a family!

And so is Sadee

Time to start planning a wedding!!