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Holy Crap

05 February 2014

Life has been a hot mess lately.

But not hot mess in the whole Miley cyrus sort of way.

But in the constant, nonstop, holy hell I'm busy sort of way.

Work is still awesome.

Bug is a beast and is now practically running.

And I just booked my fourth....yes, that's right FOURTH photo shoot for February!

Elated doesn't even begin to cover it.

I even have a return client! And another return client who will likely be booking in March.

It literally makes my heart happy.

And wallet fatter.

It is the greatest feeling in the world being paid to do something you're so passionate about.

I'm in the process (which is partially why I've been so absent lately) of creating my photography website which has been fun and exhausting all the same.

But with this many clients, it needs to be done.

Also Bug will be one in less than a month.


Where has the time gone ...??

Which means I'm almost at my one year blogiversary too!

So between full time work, my photography business picking up, planning a birthday party, and making time for friends and family I have had zero bloggy time.

But Alas, I promise when the dust settles I will be posting regularly again, and once the website is up and working I'll share it with ya'll :)


And now I leave you with this face.