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Baby Fever

18 February 2014

Can we talk about how I've had baby fever like NOBODYS business the last month or so.

Is that like a side effect of having children?

Wanting more of them?

I swear, I ache to be pregnant again.

But then my brain chimes in and is all

"Remember when you had SPD and could walk or put on pants without crying out in pain? F that!...Or just crying in general...remember the emotional roller coaster from hell and the crazy hormones and the weirdoes who thought it was nothing to come up to you and rub your belly?"


I remember it all.

I remember being in labor for 3 days.

And I still want it all.

Allllll over again.

And if we weren't about to get married I totally, totally would.

I know fiancé would be up for it.

He's had baby fever since the day I gave birth to Bug.

He so desperately wants our kids to be close in age like he is with his sisters but at least for our next baby that won't be the case.

By my estimate bug will be 3 or 4 when we have our next peanut.

At least thats how I have it planned in my head.

But it kills me to think it's that far away.

Like...eats away at me.

I swear I have phantom baby kicks once a week.

But one day we can try again for another baby ...even if it isn't right now.

And I'll be ready.