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Valentine's Day Rant

15 February 2014

Alright this has really been bugging me for some time now.

Color me an asshole, but people are so fucking bitter and cynical about Vday.

No...but really.

And it's not me just saying that because I'm engaged and have a family.

Because for 18...yep, you heard me right...18 years I didn't have a Valentine.

My first kiss was at 16 and my first boyfriend was at 18.

But all those years leading up to my first time celebrating Valentine's Day I was never mad or angry. Sure I wanted someone to celebrate with, but I knew in time that would come.

If I have to hear one more person bitch about how commercialized this holiday is I'm going to round-house kick them to the teeth.

The only way this holiday is commercialized is if you let it realize that no one has a fucking gun to your head forcing you to buy cards, expensive jewelry, a dozen roses, and stupid teddy bears no one really wants, right?'s YOU.

And regardless of the-fuck what.

Let people buy chocolate and whatever else the fuck they want and get off your stupid bitter soapbox.

You're so busy bitching about this ridiculous holiday, when you clearly can't see how similar it is to so many others...

Helllllo....Mother's day and Father's is the EXACT SAME THING.

But instead of expressing your love to your significant other or kids it's your parents.

Are you gunna rant and rave about that now?


Because that would be a dickhead move on your part about not celebrating your parents.


So instead of showing our gratitude and love for our parents it's for our boyfriends, fiances, husbands, partners, children...whatever.

WHY is that a bad thing?

Like it boggles my mind.

And don't even try and give me any of that bs about how we should show our love every day of the week because by the same token should we not be showing love and appreciation to our parents every day as well.


AND THEN people are on Facebook are all...

Just stop.

Stop now.

Boys are dumb, they'll always be dumb they will never ever see something like proposing on Valentine's day as cliche.

It's only cliche to women because we've seen it in the 404209238 romantic comedies we watch.

But guys will never see it as cliche, to them it's romantic.


And you don't know their story!

Maybe they as a couple have a special significance with valentines day.

So stop being so damn cynical.

I just wish people would take a step back and see it for what it is.

A SPECIAL day to show love and be loved by the ones we love.

Not that we don't do it every day, but it's a day designed to express it maybe a bit more or take the time out of our busy schedules to stop and REALLY show our appreciation for one another.

I just thought I should share my frustration with you.

Do you agree?

Am I totally crazy?

Alright your turn, please share with me.