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The Quilt

20 August 2013

So a family friend of ours just finished making a quilt for bug.

There is nothing in the world that makes me feel more insignificant and talentless than someone who has artistic ability...since everything I do is mediocre. And that's not a stab at myself it's the truth. When it comes to talent, I got nothin'.

I can love like nobody's business and have a relatively good sense of judging someone's character. But I'm not really book smart, or musically inclined, and I'm certainly not agile or good at sports of any kind. So anyone who has a creative bone in their body, or a talent bone of any sort...I find myself wishing I had that. But the reason for this little rant.

This woman has more talent and creativity in her pinkie than I do in my whole body.

This is a patch on the amazingly soft fleece side of the quilt that she hand sewed.



God I wish I had that kind of talent, and speaking of talent remind me to show you guys the crochet animals boyfriend had made for bug by a coworker of his. Talk about gifted.

But for now I'll sit in the shadows and ogle at their craftsmanship.