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The Bug Update

12 January 2014

Holy Crap so I promised updates of massive proportions right? it is.

We shall start with my Bug.

Are you ready?



Yes, you heard me right.

My 10 month old is walking.

In fact, she took her first steps our first full day in the apartment, when she was only 9.5 months old.

Crazy baby.

That girl does not stop, I swear, even for a moment.

She's still not entirely sure of herself and her ability yet so her primary means of transportation is still cruising and crawling.

Slowly but surely she's trusting herself more and more.

At first we were "forcing" her to try and basically we'd stand her up nowhere near anything she could grab onto and ask her to come to one of us. She started with only a step or two and now can take anywhere from 4 to 10 steps on her own.

It's totally crazy.

And the more practice she has the more confident she becomes, so now with her slew of new toys from Christmas she will walk from one to the other on her own if they're close enough together.

This baby is so smart, and has an insane personality. Like I don't understand how someone so small can be so their own person. She makes all these different faces and gestures, I just sometimes find myself looking at her and shaking my head.

But as much as she amazes GOD she is a pain in the ass.

Like a ROYAL pain in the ass.

There is no question she is my child and that this is the karma I am getting for being a pain in the ass to MY parents.

She is a button no...she is QUEEN of the button pushers. And the worst part is, she knows it.

She is smart enough to test the ever living shit out of boyfriend and I but not exactly old enough to understand when we say no we mean business. Everything is a game to her still.

She isn't to blame, I know she's a tiny person but her being as advanced as she is makes parenting a real bitch let me tell you. She acts like a toddler without understanding the repercussions as a toddler would.

She has four...FOUR top teeth coming in. Three have already broken through and are about half way out (the two teeth on either side of the front, and her top front tooth on the right side) her top front left tooth is juuuuuuuust peeking through the gums.

Dear god those teeth have come out fast, and surprisingly *knockonwood* without pain. She's done so great with teething I'm genuinely impressed.

She had one day where her little cheeks got pretty swollen and very pink, but she never complained.

Bug now weighs 15.6 lbs


I know.

She has the best laugh, like ever.

It is so hearty and genuine, and I can't help but smile anytime I hear it.

She is all about new sounds, she loves to do that thing you do when referring to indians where you take your hand and pat your mouth while making noise (ya you just did it...I saw you), and she just started this new tongue sucking noise.....ahhhhh babies.

She LOVES to dance or as boyfriend refers to it "twerk" (fml)

And she also loves to scream....and scream....and scream.

There is a scream for all occasions.. happy, sad, angry (sounds a lot like a battle cry), name it.

And she looooves to eat small chunks of people food now.

We give her ham, cheese, yogurt, green beans, carrots, bananas, pasta, chicken, toast, eggs...she loves almost everything we put in front of her.

I'm sure there's more but for now I will leave you with a few pictures from Christmas.

Cuteness overload.

You're Welcome.