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A New Day

28 October 2013

I've been a slacker again but come on that's to be expected right?

Between another job hunt, a full time baby (who now has TEETH and is pulling herself up! ...yea I'll be sure to update you on that further!) , daddy trying to fix up his new car, and just starting a temp job... I feel like I haven't stopped.

Oh I didn't mention I got a temp job?

Yep. It's not very long... But it's more money an hour than I've ever seen and probably will see in my life.

So the job hunt is still on. Halloween is tonight. I have interviews and everything is a big giant jumbled mess.

A lot is going on. And sadly.. The blog has been suffering because of it. 

I get up at the ass crack of dawn to drive two hours, work all day, pick up bug and boyfriend, head home and barely have enough time to watch one of our shows and eat before I'm so tired I'm going looney.

I will most certainly/definitely/promise to have pictures of bug in her costumes (yes plural...dear god weve become those crazy parents).

It's so weird how I actually feel guilty for not blogging. Like I'm genuinely upset that I haven't found the time. So this weekend I will make up for it tenfold. Pictures galore, a DIY, andddd I'll try to throw a recipe in there somewhere.

But just to hold you off here's a pic of bug in her legwarmers 

Be still my heart.

My Red Sox won last night. Halloween is tonight... If my brain doesn't explode with excitement then were in the clear :) 

Happy Halloween blog friends!