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14 October 2013

Yep...that's right, your eyes do not deceive you, my littlest bug is crawling.

I'm so happy/excited/nervous/scared/emotional it's ridiculous.

Mobility. Aside from holding her own bottle (which Daddy taught her to do at a very young age) this is the first really big move towards independence for my little girl.

And it's a cornucopia of emotion.

I'll be sure to catch it on video as soon as possible to show you!

She is blowing through milestones like a boss. I'm just so blown away.

Her two bottom teeth are DYING to make an appearance, her hair is so much fuller and thicker now, and her eyes...oh lord don't get me started...

In the right light riiiight around the pupils her eyes are turning....GREEN!!!


Ever since I was a child (I kid you not) I've always known I wanted to have a baby with my green eyes.
Just one would suffice really. But I assumed it would be impossible due to the general laws of genetics. I thought it would never happen, but low and behold I think my beautiful Bug may get my eyes.

The one physical trait I have carried with great pride my entire life.

Here's a couple pictures from my nephews birthday party tonight and the GORGEOUS sunset, since I've totally been a Sally Slacker lately with the bloggin'.