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Screw You, Bluetooth

22 April 2013

You know what really grinds my gears? BLUETOOTH. OH MY FUCKING LANTA. Bluetooth should have one purpose and one purpose only...DRIVING. Any other time you are on bluetooth (unless you are legitimately using both hands or need to for safety reasons)you are an asshole. First off, you look like you're off your damn rocker talking to yourself...Secondly, because of your proximity to me, now I'm not sure if you're talking to me or to yourself and I don't wanna be rude if you ARE talking to now I'm eavesdropping to debate if you are, in fact, talking to me. And when I still can't tell so I politely say "I'm sorry?"... now you look at me like I'M fucking nuts...and now I in fact look like the asshole. UGH. I'm just trying to not be rude to you and ignore you if you ARE talking to me...but excuse ME. This conundrum would all be solved if your lazy ass would use a cellphone like a normal flippin person.

I just experienced this at work with an individual who was just walking around laughing to himself...or so it appeared. Now I'm sitting here shitting my pants thinking this guy is bananas like those homeless people that talk to themselves....until I realized this guy had a bluetooth on. WTF. I hate you bluetooth. No...hate does not accurately describe my dislike....despise...detest...LOATHE ENTIRELY.

Remember that vacation I was just bitching about needing? Yep....definitely still need it.