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About Me

20 March 2013

The names Kerin. Twenty-three years young, only child, amateur & hopeful photographer, and as of two and a half weeks ago MOMMA. Everyone always talks about how gratifying and fantastical and all that other bullshit about becoming a parent is, and the truth is...IT IS. This adorable little booger already has me wrapped around her teeny-tiny itty bitty dagger-nailed finger. She can seriously do no wrong, which is a mortifying thought. In fact, in the past two and a half weeks she's coughed, sneezed, pooped, & peed on me AND burped DIRECTLY into my mouth at least a half dozen times and yet somehow I still can't get enough of her. She was my inspiration for starting this blog.

So Confessions of a Serial Napper will be part mommy misadventures, part photography, and part words of wisdom that I shall impart to you (you're welcome). 

A little about me...

I love to cook...well...I love to eat even though my palate really hasn't expanded much since kindergarden. I'm brutally honest, always. I have a slight giraffe obsession, I just recently bought a ridiculously expensive camera which I'm still learning to use (prepare for regular photo-bombs).  I swear way too often. I read, A LOT. And if you didn't really catch it from the title of this blog, I'm a napper, always have been, always will be, and not just your standard, everyday "cat" napper, no sir. If I nap you can GUARANTEE it'll be longer than two hours, in fact, I'm infamous for it. I'm a little unruly at times borderline crazy even, but I'm excited to finally start on this blogger journey, so join me will you?