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Ode to a Nikon

29 March 2013

So my camera and I have a relationship I'm almost uncomfortable with admitting. My Christmas gift to myself was a Nikon dslr camera and we have been inseparable ever since. And to be honest I'd probably take that damn thing everywhere if it were even minutely more portable. And Nikon can kiss my ass if they think I'm wearing that thing around my neck. I don't know how legitimate photographers do it...especially with bigger heavier lenses. 10 minutes of carrying that thing around my neck I'd end up a damn hunchback.

Anyway...I digress. My camera is fan-fucking-tastic. I have ZERO experience with photography unless you count the 30272926 pictures I have taken on my phone. But with this camera I feel like a photography wizard. Yes, wizard. This camera makes even the most novice of photographers look like they have a semblance of a clue on how to work a camera. I've always had a desire to learn photography but like everyone else I'm too lazy to ACTUALLY do anything about it. So I've been using it left and right. Please see below:

This is Gypsy. She's extremely photogenic. It's bananas. Her eyes pierce your soul.

This is Sadee. She's my purebred golden. She's also purebred ridiculous. Not very bright but the sweetest most loving puppy on earth.

I'm still learning but not too shabby for someone with zero DSLR experience. If you have questions don't hesitate to comment and ask, I promise not to be a snarky SOB :)