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Mush Brain

17 April 2013 pregnancy mush brain, this shit is scientific fact...seriously. It's AWFUL. Nevermind the fact that I have the attention span and memory of a box of fucking rocks to begin with, now lets add a baby shall we?

I don't think I have finished one thought, sentence, idea, project, whatever from start to finish. There's no going from A to B in one shot. I'm at fucking Q before I see an end in sight.

So now not only do I have a 6 week old and a boyfriend who sometimes acts like a toddler (sorry, babe)(this will be the ultimate test as to whether or not he reads my blog to begin with) but NOW I'm back to work and we are busier than EVER. Holy brain mush, Batman.

And what's better? I work with customers all day and they are forced to see me in this state of absolute lunacy.

Example? You know when you walk in a room and you say to yourself "Shit, why am I in here again?"...To the average person, that probably happens MAYBE once a Once every hour or two. Seriously. It's so bad I have to hope I have something in my hand to give me some semblance of a clue like I'm Sherlock fucking Holmes trying to solve his own damn mystery.

Post it notes have become my best friend. Because I can't hold onto something in my mind longer than .27 seconds. People are beginning to think I'm crazy or slow or something. I have no less than 6 post it notes on my desk at any one given time strewn with spastic notes.

So I've finally come to the conclusion that my elevator no longer goes to the top floor..I'm one sandwich short of a my rocker...and you know what? I may be going absolutely fucking bananas but the fact that I get to come home to this face at the end of the day makes it totally worth it.