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Nikon Day

27 April 2013

Welp, it's Saturday...and as fantastic as that fact is, boyfriend is at work, and the best friends are either 500+ miles away or busy. Even bug is too busy for mama today. She's fast asleep on the couch next me, in a position I'm pretty sure would cause scoliosis in a normal human being. So the majority of my day has been spent with the dogs, my Nikon, and the TV. I know, borderline hermit. Oh, well. The best part of today has been the fact that I have zero responsibility and can sit on my ass if I so choose, that, my friends, is why Saturday's are awesome. I've been doing a little experimenting with the camera now that I've had a couple months with it and I hope to start to fine tune my abilities. And while I still don't have half decent editing software, I must say, they didn't turn out so bad.

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