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Rain Rain...

09 August 2013

It is all kinds of nasty outside today. And that's ok because bug is in the world's greatest mood, daddy is here with us and we can enjoy some family time together...and this...lots of this...

I <3 Naps

Such Is My Life Continued

11 July 2013

Rain. Sucks.

I mean don't get me wrong I'm all about free car washes...but there's also a fine line between a summer shower and an ark-requiring-armageddon down pour.

And THAT is the type of rain I witnessed today.

SO there I was at my house just about to leave for work watching the rain cascade through the sky whilst I mentally abuse myself for even considering making myself look presentable by doing my hair and makeup. Waste of effing time.

When there..before my eyes.. the sky opened up...the clouds spread apart and the rain began to slow. The birds were singing the sun was shining and I laughed maniacally all the way to my car at my invincibility to mother nature and all she feebly threw at me.

As I sat in my car and shut the door, I SWEAR the rain started up again. Like something out of a movie.

So high on my horse I rode to work in the pouring rain and the closer I got to work the more the rain slowed down and again I laughed to myself at how awesome I was.

Until that is...I parked my car.

And mother nature decided to metaphorically spit in my face for ever thinking I had outsmarted her.

Because it poured...and it poured...and it poured.

And I sat in my car insisting with each passing minute that there was a faint possibility that it would stop soon.

Until finally I needed to leave or I would be late to work.

And this wasn't just any rain was that post apocalyptic rain I had been referring to earlier.

And guess who decided to be Comfortable Carol (you like that?) and not wear a bra today.

Yep. This guy right here.

So off I dodged to the door.

But it was a useless attempt for after a mere 10th of a second after I stepped out of the car I was absolutely and disgustingly drenched.

And you know how we women all like to think that we look something like this in the rain:

or this

Well lezbehonest we all look a lot more like this:

or this

So there I am soaking wet, looking like a hot ass mess when what happens?

I ALMOST slip and fall on my ass due to traction-less flip flops and copious amounts of water on the floor. THANK HEAVENS for my coworker behind me who so gallantly caught me before I ate shit and totally wiped out.

This is my life. I'm just here for your entertainment. Please enjoy.

Such is My Life

I picked a terrible day to not wear a bra... Just sayin.

HiHo HiHo It's Off to ...Wait a Second...

20 May 2013

That's right, my ass is staying RIGHT HERE for two weeks!!! YAY! No work!

So on this rainy, disgusting, dreary day bug and I are cuddled on the couch watching Big Bang Theory.

Crappy-crap-crap iPhone photos but they pretty much say it all about my morning. My dog by the way (Sadee) is obsessed with bug. I think she's still trying to figure out what it is that she is...and I'm pretty sure she's convinced herself that bug is a puppy. Dogs are so weird... ESPECIALLY mine.

Oh, and a shout out to mother nature, thank you for the rain-filled 5 day forecast...good lookin' out.

Mommy and Daddy have only been DYING to go to the big deal.

Oh well, perhaps the aquarium.

At least this morning I was greeted with a smile and an excited scream from bug this morning which resulted in my little black heart bursting with joy....and then all is right with the world again.

AND tomorrow we have a GIANTTTTT surprise coming...except I know what the surprise is...and you don't. So it's more of a surprise for you. Regardless...I digress. I am SOOOO excited. I have been waiting for this for a very long time.

This post will be short and sweet but there's more to come...THAT I can promise you.