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Finance Friday

03 May 2013

Today's the day ladies and gents! I get to start putting money away for the 52 week challenge (If you don't remember what that is look here). And I've officially decided that money will be used for a trip to Disney!!! And what makes this all so great aside from the obvious?! My best friend has decided to join me in this financial excursion. WOO! Occasionally, I'll be posting and updating (not every week, I assure you...because that would be stupid...and obscene) so you can see my progress and maybe decide to do it for yourself. I even made a little mason jar for it and everything. Yep. I'll be sure to post pictures later on so keep looking! Comment and let me know if you're gunna try it too!

There she is 52 week challenge jar. I'm considering getting all crafty and what not but for now I've only chalkboard painted the top. Which I will show you later...once I've bought chalk (smart...i know). I know...I'm obsessing over this mason jar...but you know what? It means a trip tooooo DISNEY. And if it's cute too? Well what the hell :)

Manic Monday

22 April 2013

Time seriously has been flying lately. ESPECIALLY the weekends... I swear I'd be a more apt, happy, and far less unruly individual if weekends were 3 days. Let's just make Monday a weekend day so it can stop having a bad rap.....OR I guess I'd be satisfied if we were allowed mid day naps.

I...I HAVE time for that. Plenty.

SO Mondays truly just suck now. I'm tired, I miss my bug after a whole weekend of cuddling, I'm cranky...and then I get to work and this is what happens.

So now not only am I a total bitchfest, I'm unproductive.

But you know the one thing that would make all this BS go away...permanent 3 day weekends aside? A VACATION.

To say I'm a traveler would be putting it lightly...seriously. I've been to Spain, Aruba, the Bahamas, Punta Cana, Quebec, Florida, California, Myrtle Beach...And many of these places I've been numerous times. I can't get enough. I love warm weather. I love beaches. I love DISNEY. And that, my friends, is where I plan to vacation next. My last vacation was to California to visit one of my best friends but we did spend a day there, but one day in Disney? Never enough. Even Disneyland requires AT LEAST 2 days. So this momma is saving her money starting now. Bug NEEDS a trip to Florida, and it's been far too long since I've been.

Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney World facebook page that never ceases to remind me how badly I need a freaking trip back.

I CAN NOT WAIT for my bug to meet the first person who has and will always have a piece of my heart...